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Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 19 June 2019

Macondo Beach is a collection of short stories by Sebastià Bennassar, with the sea as the element that brings them all together. Therefore, we will discover writers caught in the Athlantic and Mediterranean beaches; stories close to the black novel, stories of shipwrecks that are not what they seem and even the characters turn themselves into islands, islands in an archipelago of dreams and desires. In short, a gateway to the world of one of the most prolific and singular narrators of contemporary Catalan narrative.

VIII Narrativa Marítima Vila de Cambrils Josep Lluís Savall Prize 2018


Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 6 May 2019

(1816, the year there was no summer)

Jordi Tello, the Instagram poet, returns with a new book of previously unpublished stories, through his poetic, fresh and new voice.

When someone breaks your heart, you ask yourself: “What part of me is so defective that it should go away? At what moment has it fallen out of love without telling me? Will it come back to see even how I am? When someone breaks your heart, you pray that he doesn’t leave yet, as if a few more minutes with you would be enough for him to love you again. You want to spend the little energy you haven’t cried yet to hold him anyway even if you know you can’t catch what is already a shadow. When someone breaks your heart you are invaded by insecurity, hatred, nostalgia. Guilt. When someone breaks your heart you are no longer the same.

In this book, Jordi Tello manages to braid sensitive and carnal love, madness, passion, uncertainty, absence and sadness. But also forgiveness. He does it with chivalry but in a direct and translucent way, almost crystalline. This is a work full of thoughts in liquid format.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

BUT NA BUT … it was and was not a girl with the body hurt by the war but with the energy of an enormous heart fed by the histories of his mother. By the first time there are moved to the paper the oral stories of a country that, as Nadia, has changed identity but has not lost his essence. A gift for the Catalan readers, who have received this strong and brave woman in his land.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

«I consider myself an agnostic friend of religions, an admirer of religions», says Vicenç Villatoro. “I am a skeptical Christian; a Christian that searches, someone who tries to understand better his beliefs”, says Francesc Torralba.

Over forty letters – twenty by correspondent – Francesc Torralba ans Vicenç Villatoro talk about questions such as God created or Creator God, the sacred and the profane, the religious sphere and the public sphere, death and consolation, ethics without God, beauty, the mystery of evil, the transmission of values and convictions, the existence of Christians, the ability to hold and spirituality without faith.

It is a dialogue of ideas, but also of experiences, written  during half year, between the beginning of Summer holidays and Christmas celebrations. The letters crossed between Torralba and Villatoro face not only a believer and a non-believer, but also a philosopher and a writer, a theologian and a journalist.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Parents want the best for their kids: health and happiness. This book is a compilation of twenty short stories created especially for adults and children to read together and talk about the issues that concern them.

Developing the emotional intelligence since childhood provides the necessary tools to live better.

Fear, sadness and self-esteem are some of the emotions that can be discussed with the guides placed at the end of each story.

Authors: Gaspar Hernández & Jordi Llavina.

Illustrations by Marc Sardà.

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