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Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Parents want the best for their kids: health and happiness. This book is a compilation of twenty short stories created especially for adults and children to read together and talk about the issues that concern them.

Developing the emotional intelligence since childhood provides the necessary tools to live better.

Fear, sadness and self-esteem are some of the emotions that can be discussed with the guides placed at the end of each story.

Authors: Gaspar Hernández & Jordi Llavina.

Illustrations by Marc Sardà.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

After the acclaimed debut of Iolanda Batallé with her first novel La memòria de les formigues, arrives her expected new book, El límit exacte dels nostres cossos, a compilation of short and intense stories, like an orgasm or like life.

A girl who has sexual fantasies with the Lebanese clerk of the grocery store; a boy who loves tomatoes because he loves Mary, the girl with the red hair; a woman who reads to a giant man; a lame man who waits for the arrival of another lame to buy a pair of shoes to share… These are stories about unusual characters that talk about us, our own lives and, above all, the lives we would like to live.

“Today I saw the land of flowers. It is not here nor there, it is everywhere. You only need to look”.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Much more than a book of tales, much more than a music CD!

With Canciones y cuentos para antes de ir a dormir, Dr.Eduard Estivill shows us how fun can it be sing and learn together, children and adults. This book offers a compilation of songs of a lifetime sang by Dr. Estivill himself: El piojo y la pulga, Ratoncito, Mi querida Doris…, apart from the guarantees and advices of an authentic expert of our sons’ health and education.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

The ten stories that make up “Títulos robados” are, no doubt, sad stories, like Monterroso often says the good stories are. In them, ten first-person narrators show us their strangeness before the world, their profound ignorance of human nature, their despair or resignation. They steal titles for their stories from other books or other stories and show us a moment of their lives in which their desires for change succumb to feelings of failure. The end, often premature, of a struggle, the assumption of its uselessness.

An old man who does not want to return to a home town frozen in time in “Tale of Two Cities”; a man who discovers, because of an unfortunate sequence of random events, that the woman who he lives with is a stranger in “Broken Mirror”; the son traveling to Paris to discover that his father has ceased to be a match for him in “Paris never ends”; the teenager who must take care of his alcoholic grandfather as if he was the old pirate at the Admiral Benbow Inn on “The Island Treasure”.

A gallery of lonely people trapped in situations that they can only be resigned to accept, but do not understand anything.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Los seis relatos que componen este libro tienen en común –como lo requiere el título- la voz confidente de la primera persona y del testigo, se trate de un observador de la historia, que puede sorprendernos por su condición –Serafina aprendiendo a volar– o venir de un ente inanimado como por ejemplo, una estatua  –El futuro de un arcángel en Managua– o de un instrumento como en el caso de Nadie se puede imaginar…. Si bien los lugares varían desde una plaza abandonada de Managua, pasando por una calle miserable de La Habana, hasta los ámbitos de un ejecutante de contrabajo de la Orquesta Nacional Española, los personajes que habitan estos espacios tienen el mismo rostro desolado de quien no espera ya que sus ilusiones se realicen.

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