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Author: Bruno Monday 9 October 2023

A different twist to time travel adventures.

A ravaged world, a man searching for his missing parents, an event that will change his world forever.

Can time be controlled? The mega-corporations that survived “The God’s fury” share the pie of a devastated world, but for CRONOS everything is easier. They have the Mithra, the machine that allows us them to interfere in the future events. They are just small, barely perceptible details in a timeline that always remains unchanged.

Until now.

Orestes Brunn is AION’s top agent. Without knowing how, he has changed the timeline with direct consequences for his reality.

And he will do whatever it takes to go back to his normality.

Mention of Honour at UPC Prize for Science Fiction.


Author: Bruno Wednesday 9 November 2022

What do Europeans dream of when they are awake? Idealism in the old continent? The dreamers of this novel believe yes, and attempt to carry out their chimeras with varying degrees of catastrophe. In these adventures, the great themes of the human soul: success, love, communication, eternity… Miralles humorously and tenderly describes the dreams of those who dare to dream while awake.


Author: Bruno Wednesday 9 November 2022

¿Qué sueñan los europeos cuando están despiertos? ¿Hay lugar para el idealismo en el viejo continente? Los soñadores de esta novela de novelas creen que sí, e intentan llevar a cabo sus quimeras con distintos grados de catástrofe. Inglaterra, Holanda, Alemania, Francia, Eslovenia e Italia son sus escenarios, en los límites de lo sensato.

Divertidas y a veces trágicas, en estas aventuras laten los grandes temas del alma humana: el éxito, el amor, la comunicación, la eternidad… Miralles describe con humor y ternura los sueños de quienes se atreven a soñar despiertos.


Author: Bruno Monday 7 November 2022

An energy crisis in a world of robots.

As you will know, in our previous venture we helped Kylie Robot get her voice back. But now things have changed, and it is I who needs to ask for help because… RJOJO’s gone out and won’t turn on! We are experiencing an energy crisis and robots must make breaks during which they are completely disconnected. But, in one of these breaks, R.JO has gone away. Can you wake up again? We’ll see if Lady Borg’s help is enough to get out of it.

Robots, adventures, a lot of humor… and incipient love.


Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 9 May 2022

More robot-filled adventures and a big robopop star.

“I’m sorry to tell you that Capek and I haven’t yet decided what we want to be when we grow up. At the moment, we know that we want to help robots find a way when their programming fails them, and not end up on the scrapyard.

The thing is, Kylie Robot – of whom, by the way, I am a super-fan – has lost her voice. I love her, I mean, I love her! Can you imagine her ending up in the junkyard in pieces because she can’t sing anymore? She is a robopop superstar who has thousands and thousands of fans and who is at the top of the holovideos. That would be quite a disaster…”


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