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Author: Bruno Thursday 24 September 2020

Autumn has come. This autumn, like spring and summer, is rare and atypical, but it comes loaded with fear, since almost the majority of humanity fears him, because for months we have been hearing that it will be the most horrible autumn in history. Poor autumn, it seems that nobody wants it to arrive, that nobody expects it, but the reality is that it has arrived. There is no one capable to stop time, not even the damn virus, so I thought that the best alternative I have would be to go live in a parallel fantasy world. Just like the main character of the book by Sacha Azcona, SPLENDIDA, who decides to flee to a fantasy world to avoid being next to her horrible aunt Evilia. In this new world she will live an exciting adventure with some very special friends like the Giant of vegetables, Magical trees, the Tooth fairy and even the Bogeyman. However, Splendida is not afraid of anything, and together with his friends they will defeat the terrible Monsieur LeChug, who boycotted farmers so that vegetables were bad and no child in the world would like them. Splendida will return to London and will have the recognition she deserves, although it won’t last for long, since almost nobody believes that a girl with four fantastic beings can discover the tricks of LeChug, but Splendida learns, grows and loves the books that she shares with others in order to make them happy. She knows what she has lived and when she is in the forest she always feels the magic again when she is caressing the trunks of the trees.
A beautiful story, where magic and vegetables are put together in a perfect cocktail of adventures in a book that brings values without falling into morality or boredom.

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