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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 10 January 2019

The girl of the cello by Jordi Campoy

We start the year recommending a book that we are all in love with. Our job is difficult because although we read everyday, we cannot represent everything, so we have always a lot of questions. There are many well written novels, but this is not enough for the publishing market and many other things need to be taken into consideration. This is why everyday is more difficult to put our faith in new authors but THE GIRL ON THE CELLO is a wonderful story.

Jordi Campoy has written a magical novel that talks about the luck, the mysteries that brings the soundtrack of our life and the certainty that coincidences do not exist. With the music as the common thread, we will meet the young cellist Anna from the London Symphony Orchestra. She is imperfect and chaotic, nervous and dramatic, impulsive and promiscuous. But there’s something that stands out: her lack of punctuality.

When her cello case disappears during a rehearsal, Anne will have to use an old one she has at home, but nobody knows where it came from or whom it belonged to: it has always been there. When she hears a strange noise inside the case, Anne will find an unknown object that makes her uneasy. This encounter will take her to discover her origins, linked to the Barcelona of the seventies and a boy who wants to play the cello.

I firmly believe that things happen for a reason, even though we don’t always now the answer, and this book proves it in an elegant and powerful way. You will go in depth into the story unknowingly, and you will be trapped in  its melody. Jordi is a natural and undoubtedly, he has to be one of the voices that stands out in the next term and in Sant Jordi 2019.

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