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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 17 September 2015

Books-and-ChocolateFood is a subject that concerns everyone. Parents want our children to eat well, healthy, but sometimes it is so difficult that parents aren’t capable to make it. Women want to eat without getting fat, and men, increasingly, too. But ultimately what concerns us most is health and what we eat is closely related to a healthy living: we are what we eat, and therefore we have to watch a little this in our daily day and try to know what suits us. Of course we can make exceptions, and obviously everyone can choose what seems best for him and for his family. The impositions are never good, whatever color they are, although some seem to think they are.

Trinitat Gilbert has written a book, A LA TAULA I AL LLIT AL PRIMER CRIT, for parents concerned about their children’s eating habits. We are not facing a book on how to get your children to eat, but to eat healthy, consciously, and grow up healthy and with ingrained habits. Without being alarmist, the author proposes that all of us follow guidelines and extend them to our children, but not without being obsessed with the subject. In short, “Worry about what you eat every day and not for what you do one exceptional day.” It is a book to read in one sitting and where you can learn many things, or at least think about them.

The start of the school year is the ideal time to make an attempt to eat better. If we think that there is something that we do better, let’s do it. Because parents are not born knowing everything, and reading good advice is always a good way to learn.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” Virginia Woolf


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 10 September 2015

Courage-to-chase-dreams The word coach has been used so much that some now see it as something discredited, but fortunately, the people who still have faith in coaching and professionals who are truly know that it is worth applying it to everyday life.

It is a way of living, of seeing things. Now all of us are starting a new school year and we all have fears, anguish, uncertainties, what fear what it will happen, we fear uncertainty. Many people manage these emotions without problems but some of us do not, I do not care to admit it, and to read books like Monica Esgueva’s help you to deal with these little things in life with a positive point of view, trying to listen and to take on any challenge, whether small or large, and not evade the problems but to face them and pull forward.

All of us have conflicts, but these can only be solved by facing them. So if you think that everything is difficult or you have this feeling of anguish, open your mind and to be positive and realistic with what you want to achieve and what you can do. You have to let life flow and try to live the present because, as Monica says, sometimes the strength is knowing when we have letting go things.

10 CLAVES PARA ALCANZAR TUS SUEÑOS (10 tips to achieve your dreams), the new book by Monica Esgueva, can help us in this new beginning and always, because they are 10 simple keys to retain and apply whenever we feel insecure, sad or uncomfortable. Sometimes everything is easier than it looks, but we must be aware of it. Life is an adventure that we can only live once, so we have to try to enjoy it to the maximum without leaving our obligations and problems aside. An ideal book for all kinds of reader, because we all want to be happy with what we do, and we can do it. So let’s go for it!

Thanks Monica for this book so profound and yet entertaining that leaves us many things clear. I’ll begin to apply them now to achieve my goals, both personal and professional.

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to experience” Soren Kierkegaard.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 3 September 2015

reading-on-a-trainWe’re back, and with us, our books, which I hope has not disappeared from your holidays because they are great companions. This summer I tried to read a book for pleasure, not for work, but ultimately it is the same because you always learn something. I read THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN and I loved it. I’ve read in two days, and I understand that it has been one of the best sellers of the summer, so I recommend it and I congratulate the editors who have believed in it.

My other readings have been “for work”, but they have also been a pleasure, because I read some of the books we will publish this fall or next spring, and I’m excited because they are all good novels, with character, with a powerful plot, well-established authors that are going to give us pleasant surprises. I am sure of it!

And although this year is the 13 I’ve been dedicated to the agency, yet, when I read my authors’ novels, I still get excited. I see that the novel has potential and start to dream awake with what we need to do to make it travel to all possible countries, to get excited readers everywhere.

It could seem ridiculous that still feel that illusion, but in our profession, difficult and costly as it is, if you lose illusion, you lose everything. Therefore, I love having that itch of impatience, as of little girl, every time I finish a novel and see a lot of good things in it. This summer I have felt this illusion with every novel I have read, and I am happy to come back to the office, and I have many ideas to help my authors and their novels to reach their final destination, the reader anywhere in the world.

We’ll try to win, with determination and working hard. It is not easy among so many books, but nobody said it was easy, so with charged batteries and very good humor and enthusiasm, we are back. This year novels will guide us to emblematic places in Barcelona, there are ​​real stories that will captivate us, all kinds of love stories, realistic and epic young adult novels, and some literary surprise that will make us finish the year with a lot of work. We can’t wait to share with you every novelty.

So, we are back on the train, the adventure begins again with that illusion and that smile that characterizes us. Happy rentrée!  We hope that you continue to hunt for the best novels. They help us to be happier. I have no doubt!

“An eternal illusion, or at least often reborn in the human soul, is very close to being a reality.” Andre Maurois


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 23 July 2015

libros playaThis week I’m going on vacation, the agency will close the day 31, but this will be my last blog until September. Then we will return with the same enthusiasm as ever!
We love and wnjoy our job, but we all need a break. This year’s temperatures in Spain are extremely high and July is being a hard month. Plus the market is still “weird” and we must do our job with care and precision so that everything goes as we have planned.

However, the SB team doesn’t give up, even though we are always thinking how to do new things, innovate and reinvent this market that every day is more reduced, and where to stay is complicated. But we like challenges, so we’re happy with one of our new flagship projects: an online writing course with Francesc Miralles, only 30 vacancies. The course will introduce to the world of writing in 100 minutes. Easy and transparent.

Francesc Miralles is a luxurious teacher, a consolidated author that has led to great literary discoveries, as we all know.

We will be out of the office for four weeks, and we’ll return with a smile, which characterizes us, with batteries charged, to face the end of the year. I want to thank the whole SB team for their work, which is much, I assure you, and for the good humor that always permeates the agency to reach the objectives, and also to thank those who read this blog and listen to the recommendations we make every week. Without you this would not make any sense. So, to wish you a great holiday, I leave a video that we made with love to remind you that books are the best traveling companions.

Our Facebook and Twitter will be active during holidays, because the network can’t be stopped. See you in September, we will climb this mountain and we will reach our goal, I have not any doubt!


Life is better with a book, I don’t doubt it. And you?

There is no frigate like a book
To take us lands away
Emily Dickinson.

Sandra Bruna


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 16 July 2015

ILUSIONThis heat is killing us. We already knew that July is a very tough month; it seems that the batteries are coming to an end. My table is full of things to do, but my body needs a rest. All of us are already envisioning the holidays, so deserved, but at the same time the business is still rolling and needs to be fed. We have to sell because this wheel does not stop and, if it does, it means we’re dead. We have to make the final sprint, draw strength from anywhere to close everything and then, enjoy the sea, the mountains or the couch at home.

The course is long and this year, for us, is hard. The market is crazy and therefore it is difficult to predict what will happen. So decisions are complicated and everything seems to cost twice than before. All of this leaves you with the feeling that you are climbing a high mountain. However, there is a magic word that always works here: illusion. And it may seems ridiculous, but I still believe that enthusiasm and willingness move mountains. Therefore, I’m sure that a little magic light will help us overcome the end of the year. Playing as a team, and here we are a team, without stop working, the results will arrive. You have to build your own winning streak. Here we do not stop opening new fronts, so even though the world keeps churning, the heat does not leave us breathe and the market is crazy, here we our motto is “we do not live in dreams, but makes our life an illusion”, and we will close the annual course with our objectives fulfilled. I’m sure.

My recommendation today cannot be other than the biography of Pepe Mujica, written by Allan Percy, author of several bestsellers, published by Ediciones B. Mujica is a different man who has been more a philosopher than a politician and has managed to become president of a country that came from a harsh dictatorship. An interesting and inspiring book for those who are Quixotes and fight for their ideals. I am sure that illusion is also part of his life strategy.

“It’s good to live as you think because otherwise you will think as you live.” Pepe Mujica.

Sandra Bruna

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