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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 19 May 2016

Some of us want to believe that LOVE can save a lot of things. I’ve always thought that love has a lot of shapes, there are different ways of loving, but with love, you can achieve your goals. People who believe that giving love to others, they make the world better, I think they’re completely right. Nevertheless, the human race is so selfish that hardly anyone shows love without asking for something in exchange, and in the end that’s what makes LOVE in big letters fail in some occasions. Giving without receiving is love in its purest state, but let’s think of who really applies it to their daily life, every day. Do we?


Care Santos, in her trilogy Eblus (Ediciones B in Spanish), shows us that love is the only thing that stops the worst and most dangerous creature in history. The devil himself will run into something he wasn’t expecting: love. Natalia will be the only obstacle that he’ll find in his long trail of evil, and his obsession with her will end up driving him crazy. Will love beat evil? A historic battle that Care Santos forcefully throws into the ring so nobody will want to stop reading this trilogy that will show us a family’s curse, which will scar the lives of the Albás’ families, and of which they don’t know how to escape. The truth of the curse is only known by Eblus, a devil who doesn’t forget nor forgive, but who’s more human than he wants to confess in some things. Care publishes three excellent novels once again, majestic, and in which there’s a lot of reflection wrapped in adventure. An A+ for this author, who doesn’t stop surprising us, and who made me think that there may be a lot like Eblus in our society, but that we can beat them if we want. Me, I do. And you?


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 12 May 2016

Longing is an emotion, a feeling, which I’m sure we’ve all felt sometime. In my case it mixes with the nostalgia of the things I no longer have, and especially of past times, where my memories are of feeling good, of complete happiness. I miss the summers with my grandparents, who are no longer here, the meals with family when everyone showed up and the table was filled with food mixed with hope. The Friday dinners, and the weekends, with my siblings and my parents when we ate the pizza slices from a little shop at Roger de Flor Street, and it was our weekly feast, while we watched the show Un, Dos, Tres together.

All these nostalgic memories, and many more which I could talk about until you got bored, but if I continue, I might get emotional; they have been awoken after reading a novel like EL TIEMPO DE LA LUZ, by Silvia Tarragó, published by Umbriel in Spanish and by Columna in Catalán.


Silvia Tarragó, the author, is able to transport us to 1940, the inauguration of the first subterranean galleries in Europe, the luxurious Avenida de la Luz, in the Barcelona of the postwar. Julia is the main character and she will be witness to the evolution of the gallery and the different traders that make it up. Rosita, the daughter of the bakers, who lived her first love with the attendant at the cinema inside the galleries.  A strange lady who will open a typewriter store (remember the Olivettis?), a perfume seller who’s involved with men in the regime, and a railway worker who’s a poet. We’ll see how these characters’ stories grow and intertwine; building an underworld filled with passion and hatred, but that keeps changing, decade after decade, feeling the exciting beat of Barcelona of the postwar, until the end of the eighties. A coral novel, where Barcelona is the background curtain again, but in which human relationships and love, are the main core to explain a period of new beginnings, and the spirit of the traders after a tough war. Another novel for all those who like to taste their memories and share them, which you can read quickly and leaves you wanting more.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 5 May 2016

There are moments when you would like to be able to say STOP, to pause time, because everything is happening too fast and, lately, I feel like I can’t enjoy anything. The weeks fly by, they’re intense, luckily I like my job and it completes me, I love my family and my friends, but I would like to have more time to be with them. This feeling of time slipping from my hands, of making a list every day, a long one, of things I should do, and getting less than half done, gives me a feeling of unease that I don’t know how to handle sometimes, and I’m lucky to have been able to read a novel that, without meaning to, gave me harmony and peace.


Reading ALOHA, UN VIAJE AL ENCUENTRO DE TU PROPIO PARAÍSO, I was able to enjoy sceneries, situations the character lives, which I’ve felt or lived, or if not I’ve shared with friends. Alma chooses a path and she dares to follow it because she reaches that moment of dismay, of STOP. However, she depends on things, she has fears, like we all do, and thanks to an old Hawaiian tradition she discovers new ways of living. Along with a woman shaman, she will discover how to heal through the forces of nature, that will show their darkest aspects and how she can change them herself. A magical and internal journey and an extraordinary trip to Honolulu that leaves you with a good impression and some things to think about, so this STOP that sometimes paralyzes us turns into an I WANT MORE, because what I have is a gift and I want to enjoy it at its most.

A read for both men and women, we all have our role, in the novel, and in life, and knowing how to listen to ourselves is to move forward.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 28 April 2016

Meeting Nadia Ghulam changed my life a little, I confess. It’s been a few years since the first time I saw those powerful black eyes, though a bit untrusting, come in through the door of the agency to explain, with Agnès Rotger, a story that captivated me, and that later on won the Prudenci Bertana award, in the shape of a novel called EL SECRET DEL MEU TURBANT. Through Nadia’s real story, after her father’s sickness and the death of her brother, who she pretended to be in order to support her family, with all that entails in a country at war like Afghanistan, I met a brave, intelligent girl, with half of her face burnt by the explosion of a bomb in her own home, and that was able to keep going, with help from her mother, wo was always with her, and supporting her family. She arrives to Catalonia with an adoptive family, who she also adores, to keep on fighting from a country where we allow a lot of things that are forbidden in Afghanistan, and that way be able to get an education and to fight against the injustice that exists in her hometown.

Entering her life also made me think of a lot of things, and even though Nadia is one of the best people I know, she has a hard time letting anyone enter her world; but once we were able to feel that click it’s been an unforgettable experience, and having her near me always gives me positive energy. Nevertheless, Nadia, who’s very well adapted to our country, leaves the women of her family behind, and also half of her heart, because even though se adapts, she even learns Catalan, and loves her adoptive family so much; her birth family, especially her mother, her cousins and her aunts are still in Afghanistan, fighting to break with the conventions, trying to make things change. Like Nadia says, they are the brave ones and she tells us about it in her second novel, written with Javier Diéguez, a historian and writer; LA PRIMERA ESTRELLA DE LA NOCHE, published by Penguin Random House, in Catalan and Spanish, where they explain how Nadia went back to Afghanistan, how she tried to find her cousin Mersal, and how she wants to pay tribute to her deceased aunt. This novel becomes the discovery of the hidden story of the women in her family, as well as her roots, and herself as a woman, after having spent 10 years as a man in her land.


It’s a touching, intense and sincere tale, about the reality of women in societies so far from ours: how they get over adversity and they don’t stay impassive when facing a destiny that they seem to have to accept with no complaints. We’re in the XXI century and many of them know, and have to fight to make things different, even if it’s hard. Nadia is an example to them, but also to us, or at least to me. As I said, meeting Nadia made me think of a lot of things, and I saw that what we have here is a life of luxury, which we shouldn’t complain about, but be grateful; but also, it’s been an honor to have Nadia as a friend, because she’s special in every way, and one of the people with the clearest ideas that’s ever stood before me, and without wanting to, her honesty, sometimes very straight forward, has helped me see life from another perspective, and I can only thank her for that and tell her to keep being like this, to not let anything or anyone change her because when you grow up, you lose strength, maybe you think that a lot of things aren’t worth it, and it shouldn’t be that way, the spirit of fighting for what you want should stay alive forever. And that’s why I recommend this last novel, and the first one, if you haven’t already read it, because Nadia is a lesson of love, courage and life. And both novels will give us a GREAT story that makes its mark.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 21 April 2016

It’s Sant Jordi again, it seems like yesterday when we celebrated Book Day 2015, and another one is already knocking on the door. What a special day! It is to lots of people, readers and those who don’t read so much, because it’s a beautiful day, filled with roses and books, where we celebrate the day of love, in high caps, the love for books, also in high caps, and even more so for those of us who work in the publishing world, which captivates and hooks us, but makes us suffer at the same time. The book process has a lot of phases, I won’t go on to explain each one of them today, but in each phase you experience different feelings that you always live intensely, at least I do. The moment an author gives you a new novel, it’s exciting, you have very high expectations, and you want to swallow it. The moment you share that reading with the author, with a cup of coffee, has it’s pros and cons, but a lot of excitement, wanting this to work, and the moment the publisher falls in love with the project, it’s just magic. I can only think about how I will tell that author who will see one of his dreams come true, one of the most beautiful parts of my job.

Another special moment is when you see the cover for the first time, when you give a face and a dress to all that amount of words that made you laugh, suffer, cry, depending on the case, and the final climax, which is the publishing of the book, and what comes later, finding the reader who will also fall in love with the project, which many people have worked hard on, with the effort, will and thrill of a dream.

So a nervous feeling in the stomach for another Sant Jordi where I’m glad to recommend our raging novelties, and ask for a favor: celebrate this day at its most, buy that book that you most feel like reading, no matter which one, because what’s important is to read. But don’t let reading be just a one-day thing, enjoy it all throughout the year because a good book is the best company in this long trip that is life, I have no doubt at all. Happy Sant Jordi to all my colleagues in the sector and to the readers who know that literature feeds.


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  • Cartas de amor a los muertos de Ava Dellaira
  • Bajo la misma estrella de John Green
  • Magnus Chase y los dioses de Asgard de Rick Riordan

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