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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 5 November 2015
Foto de Elvira Alvarez Caminos

Foto de Elvira Alvarez Caminos

I have to confess that the pleasure of reading in me was not innate. It took some time arouse my interest in reading, I know that it makes a bad impression because now I am in the editorial business. When I was a girl, I preferred writing than reading, but when I grew up, I realized that those who do not read cannot write well, and quickly I understood that writing was a complicated job, and for a gifted few. I would have liked to write, but you see that the most I can do are these small pieces that I find difficult to write, and every week I admire more and more authors who are able to create a novel and captivate us. It is a profession, yes, but authors also have to have a special magic to create a work that leaves a mark. I think that Teresa Roig is a writer who has skill and the touch of magic required. In LA MERCERIA (The Haberdasher), her last work, she tells a story of friendship, a dream come true. Two families of Barcelona, ​​in the early twentieth century, amid a tough war. Two families from different social classes, but united by a single event, which will provide them a friendship and a link allowing Tonet to realize the dream of his wife: open a store, which three generations will inherit. The business never is booming, but the family can make a living. There is even a season in which they have to close , but they struggle to pull it off. A family business, a story written with a costumbrist tone the us the classic Catalan novel L’AUCA  DEL SENYOR ESTEVE, but for readers of the 21th century.

A story where we see the courage, love and all that goes with a family business as it is haberdasher. The store is also the star of this story which shows that the only thing that we need to get it all is love.

Captivating, exciting and highly recommended for all type of reader who wants to enjoy a good story and the taste of a family business. Here we know a little of this and we know that opening every day is not easy, you need to like what you do and to know what your goal is, if not it takes a lot of effort, but almost always this effort is rewarded.

“It takes bad days to realize that the other are amazing “

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