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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 21 April 2022

Most children are naturally curious and ask so many questions that parents sometimes don’t know what to answer; some of their questions are such that we would be happy to answer them if we knew the answers. As we grow older, we continue to ask ourselves many questions, which, if we were to put them on the table, would coincide with those questions we had when we were children.

Be that as it may, there are a series of questions that everyone asks himself sometime in life. For this reason, Kairós, an emblematic publishing house for non-fiction books, has published 20 preguntas existenciales, written by Francesc Miralles. The quality of our thoughts and decisions, as well as our own existence will depend on the answers we give to these questions.

Francesc Miralles, author of great international success, answers in this book the twenty questions that have marked his life through his own experience in the art of questioning, as well as with the help of philosophers, writers, and spiritual guides.

Fresh, funny and very well documented, in the author’s words, this is the book that he would have wished to have throughout his different existential crises, and I must confess that I do too. Therefore, once again, Francesc Miralles, who we know has published many books, opens a window to a self-help book. For him it is not just one more book but the book where he tries to answer in a conscious way what many of us wonder and do not know how to answer.

A great book, short, meaningful and extremely useful, because these twenty are the major questions of the issues that concern us as human beings. Thank you again, Francesc Miralles, for helping us to shed light on the great questions of this world, which seems increasingly confused and complicated. Books like this leave us with a good taste in our mouths and a sigh of hope, because those twenty questions are the big questions that concern us as human beings.


Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 13 April 2022

Easter is here which means a well-deserved rest for everyone. We are happy because the market is active again and we hope it doesn’t stop. On our return we have Sant Jordi, one of my favorite days of the year, and then, we need to prepare for the Madrid Book Fair, which I am also looking forward to. Everything that I have missed so much these two years seems to return so fast and nonstop, is making me excited. Although I need this break more than ever, I hope this doesn’t stop and that we can all continue to enjoy this illusion that invades us.
With everything that is coming, we must recharge our batteries even if it is only for four days. However, those of us in the sector do not go on vacation without a book and that is why I must recommend everyone to do so, since reading is therapeutic and revitalizing. Here are some of the books we have already talked about to keep you company during these short but intense vacations, which will surely be better with a book:
For those who love stories about history: La otra orilla by Elena Moya, La alquimia de la vida by Coia Valls and Nos recordarán by Carla Gracia.
For those who want a good nonfiction book to get to know themselves: El cerebro de la gente feliz by Ferran Cases and Sara Teller, El geniotipo by Tony Estruch, La fuerza de ser altamente sensible by Meritxell Garcia and Storycoaching by Gabriel García de Oro.
For those who want to reflect: 20 preguntas existenciales by Francesc Miralles and Te amarás sobre todas las cosas by Sonia Rico.
For those who want to find a solution: De darlo todo a pedir lo que te dé la gana by Silvia Bueso and Límites by Miriam Tirado.
For those who want to find both a solution and a smile: Coi de criatures by Sebastià Bennasar and Reír y vivir by Imma Rabasco.
For the little ones at home we recommend: El país de los pájaros sin alas by Nadia Ghulam, En tus zapatos by Meritxell García, Un cerezo by Alejandro Palomas and Sofia y la palabra salvaje, by Purificación Hernández.
For those who want intense novels: Un país con tu nombre, by Alejandro Palomas, Tándem by María Barbal and Algún día volveré a buscarte, by Javier Arias.
For everyone, we recommend: Cuentos para tener valor, by Àlex Rovira and Francesc Miralles and 101 cuentos emocionantes by Gabriel García de Oro and Purificación Hernández and El maravilloso mundo de los libros, by Ana Alcolea.
I wish you happy holidays, I hope they will be accompanied by one of these books or any other that you feel like reading because, as Borges said:
“One is not what he is because of what he writes, but because of what he has read”. So, let’s keep on reading which will always make us better. Reading is living.
Happy holidays.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 7 April 2022

When we talk about HSP people, many still do not know what they are, but there are 30% of the population who are HSP: highly sensitive people like Meritxell Garcia Roig, author of the book. After writing El arte de la empatía and En tus zapatos, Meritxell publishes with Penguin Random House La fuerza de ser altamente sensible. Thanks to this book, we will find if we are HSP and if this is the case or we know someone around us who is (which could be very likely) Meritxell teaches us how to embrace this personality trait, which is not at all negative but quite the opposite: if we embrace it, we can turn it into a superpower.

Do you have a keen sense of smell and hear the slightest noise? Do you get overwhelmed in crowded places? Do you notice subtleties that go unnoticed by most people? Are you bothered by the price tag on your clothes?

If you answered yes, you may be a highly sensitive person (HSP): your neurological wiring is different, you perceive more information than other people through your senses, and you are often overwhelmed by this flood of stimuli. When you understand how your HSP machinery works, you will discover that high sensitivity can work in your favor if you know how. This book teaches you how to tap into your sensitive and creative nature, discover your potential, shine, and build a fulfilling life in accordance with your personality.

Meritxell recommends you to get to know yourself. She affirms that your sensitive nature is valuable and knowing how your inner machinery works is essential to find solutions to everyday obstacles. If you take the HSP test to find out if you are highly sensitive, what you see as a problem today can be changed with information, knowledge, and management. After that, your creativity and sensitivity will shine like never before; being HSP is a superpower that must be taken cared for and nurtured as well. This book is a tool to be able to live better with this personality trait and to know how to deal with those who are also HSP.

In an interview with Meritxell in Sintentia, the journalist said “The power of being highly sensitive is a must read for anyone who wants to understand what they feel, how they live, how to relate to a PAS. Your way of educating, working, and relating to a PAS will change after reading this book. What appears to be a weakness (sensitivity and vulnerability), Meritxell helps you understand it as a strength”.

Practical, useful, and highly recommended book to embrace this gift that so many people have and do not dare to bring it to light.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 31 March 2022

The novel I’m recommending this week has a story of its own. It was read by someone who did an internship with me and fell in love with this book. She highly recommended it and we decided to go for it. As soon as I read the novel, I knew there was something charming in it. Something books either have or don’t, and this literary thriller has something special, because Javier Arias has that gift of writing beautifully but with the right tension to keep you trapped in a plot where mystery and nostalgia come together. The cocktail is a perfect and good-measured book that will reach a large audience. Moreover, it has behind a great publisher like Leo Teti and the Umbriel imprint.

In 1982, when he was just three years old, Samir was abandoned by his mother on the beach of El Saler. She blindfolded him and told him: “Don’t move, I’ll be right back”. But she never did. No one knew why she did not return, and the boy ended up in a juvenile center with no other identity than his name and a handful of memories. Samir grew up among orphans and the disinherited of the world, but with the determination to have a chance in life. Thirty years after his mother forgot him on that beach, Samir is no longer a helpless child but captain in the Judicial Police of Valencia. However, his past will mysteriously come back to haunt him. The discovery of the body of a young woman, murdered hours earlier in the same spot where he had been abandoned as a child, does not seem to be a coincidence. The fact that she had his name and phone number on it is no coincidence either. Captain Santos will start an investigation that will turn into a puzzle where the lost pieces of his and his mother’s past will end up being fundamental to discover the truth about that corpse. After all, deep down, Samir had always hoped that someday his mother would come back to look for him. Narrated with brilliance and emotion, the suspense and the plot become the best attraction to read this book. The author builds the story, alternating past and present in a fluid and rhythmic way, knowing that a novel not requires only a good story, but powerful writing as well.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 24 March 2022

Years ago, I made my first astrological chart, I follow good astrologers and I am sure that the stars mark a path. Since I was a little girl, I liked to know the characteristics of my horoscope and I bought all the books about love between signs, as a good geeky teenager in love.

That’s why I love to introduce you today the ASTROLOVE series by Esther Sanz, not only because astrology is a hot issue amongst girls, (even Calzedonia has socks with the signs of the zodiac or Zara, for example, has sweaters with the different moons), but because Esther is the perfect person to write about this topic for the girls of the house, since she is an editor of astrology books, among many others, and she knows a lot about the subject. Also, because her stories and protagonists always have that perfect quality with the addictive point that young people need.

We have signed for three books and last week the first one named LA VOZ DEL UNIVERSO (La Galera) was published. In this title, Luna, who does not believe in horoscopes or in the stars, partly because her mother is an astrologer and partly because the universe seems to be against her. She is a Leo, a born leader, but she has no friends, except for her neighbor Pol. One afternoon, she finds a note on a bench from someone in trouble and who signs as Pisces. She decides to find them. Pol, along with some of his mother’s astrology books and Olivia, his speech partner, decide to join the cause and create Astrolove, a sentimental horoscope clinic which soon becomes very popular in high school.

A middle grade series, with a distinct and addictive theme, that will encourage readers to get even more hooked on reading through the stars.

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