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You make your own luck

Author: Bruno Thursday 5 October 2023

Having great authors of non-fiction books in the agency always makes you learn new things when one of them publishes a book. Today is about another of the Agency’s great masters, Álex Rovira. After the worldwide phenomenon of The Good Luck, with more than 4 million copies sold, he publishes Your Good Luck Mentality, a method to put into practice in your day-to-day life the principles that inspired this great story.

The book has been on sale for less than ten days, and the publisher has already announced a second edition, because this book is a great little treasure. If The Good Luck inspired so many readers around the world, this new one will help them to apply what they may have missed in the more theoretical part. According to the author: Your life is the result of your mindset. Understanding this simple but powerful premise will open the door to change, so that you can take control of your life. Because if we change our mindset we change our life-script and, consequently, our destiny.

Mentality is the set of beliefs and habits that shape our way of perceiving, interpreting, thinking and judging reality, and the decisions we make. The good news is that mentality can be changed through joyful, fun and surprising learning, to make it original, positive and constructive. Álex Rovira calls this type of mentality “Good Luck Mentality”, and in these pages he tells us how to create it from his experience accompanying thousands of people in this process of vital transformation.

This book is the ideal companion to the international bestseller The Good Luck. Through 30 lessons full of exercises, very inspiring real examples and fables by the author himself, these pages are the tool to change your life. Luck is sought, and does not depend only on chance, we learned that in his first book, but in this new book Alex explains how to change your mindset, so that you stop believing that your luck depends only on chance or that it is only for the fortunate few. We can all change our attitude and have this good luck mentality, so that things flow and go better for us. Excellent book, practical, useful and not too long. We all deserve to be happy and, by reading this book, Álex opens doors and windows to achieve it.

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