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You can make magic everyday

Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 4 October 2018

“Enjoy the little things” is what people tell you when they see you overwhelmed, stressed and with a lot going on in your head. And they are right. However, I believe most of us first need to identify which are these little moments, because they are probably the ones we put less attention to, and when we look back, we realize they are the ones that matter the most. A sunset in front of the sea, the silence, a tea to think about life, the reading time in the terrace. For this reason, Anna Sólyom’s book, Little book of daily magic, is a gift to everyone who reads. A different book, published by Ediciones Cúpula, with a very special essence. Anna Sólyom is licensed in philosophy and works as a therapist to help others to discover their balance and inner strength, but I can assure you she is unique, because of her smile, her big heart and because she wrote this book with love and goodwill to teach us that there do exist small things that are like magic, that can change everything, and this is only up to us. It is not another book, this is a tool that can really help people who are feeling lost in this society that everyday I see, as I am getting older, more confused towards life, more complex and with less values.

The team who brought this book to life we did it with passion and I think you can tell this in every page. From Anna, who I deeply recommend to meet, because it is a pleasure to have her in your life, to the publisher David Figueras, who always believes in what he does and does it well, and also Francesc Miralles, our author in the agency expert in this genre and writer of the international bestseller ‘Ikigai’, who invites you to read this book with a wonderful prologue and nine secrets. And I cannot forget the team in the agency, who every day believes more in books that the reader will enjoy and will teach him to be happier, because life without happiness is not life. So having this book in our night table for these moments in which we all need some air, is a big gift for anybody you love.

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