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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 14 March 2019

Because of my profession, I read a lot, and I can assure you that many novels are published but there are readings that leave a mark, that I will always remember when and where I read them, and when I think about them I can still feel the taste in my mouth left by those words.

It happened to me with A SON by Alejandro Palomas. I fell in love with Guille, his father, the psychologist, and Nazia. I revalued Mary Poppins and I cried, because this story that both kids and adults can read, touched me a lot. We have translated A SON into 18 languages and we keep receiving letters from children from different schools thanking Alejandro for writing this book. Every time I get one, I get these goosebumps, because then they say that young people don’t read, and there are some who not only read but also send letters, like the one you would send to your favorite football player, expressing what this novel have made them feel. This is magic, better than the one Mary Poppins could do. For this reason, I’m proud to announce that on March 19 A SECRET will be published, the second part, although I do not like to put it that way. This time it is the story of NAZIA, Guille’s friend, an immigrant, and due to unclear “problems” her parents  go to jail, and as a consequence, Nazia will have to live with Guille and his father, without understanding what her family did wrong.

Maria, the psychologist, will have to take care of her and will be again an important piece in this relationship of Guille-Father and the host sister, because Nazia has a secret she only wants to share with her friend/brother. She will discover her feelings, her heart, and her true passion for another character who is not Mary Poppins, even though Guille does not understand it, but THE CINDERELLA. Does it take more magic to find such a special reference, again, in the classic books to talk about what it is like to be an immigrant, what it feels like being alone? We will talk again about family relationships, parents and children in such a tender way that sometimes you have to stop reading, pause and breathe in order to go on. This can only be written by Alejandro Palomas, I do not think that any other author has the ability to write for such a wide audience, with that intensity that hurts, and moreover, that each reader feels differently.

An addictive and enjoyable reading, but only a wizard of letters can write so well. Thank you Alejandro for this new novel that maintains such a high level, that I cannot say that it is better than ONE SON because it is one of my favorite novels, but it does equal it and that it has many things that surpass it, because you have outperformed yourself as a writer. Two books that I will never forget again and that live inside me like a little treasure.

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