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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 7 July 2016

The great world of the couple would make people talk a lot, and more to write too, because we have all been having dinner with friends and after-dinner conversations subject is the couple. Everyone has his particular vision and the way the topics are almost always repeated is kind of funny. The new generations seem quite different from our generation but I’m not that sure that in matter of love they also are that different. Perhaps the way we communicate has changed, before there was no WhatsApp, and all we had to say had to be face to face. That way, things were not so easy nor so difficult.


This week, we recommend a funny and non-formal book for all those who have decided to move in and live as a couple. Maybe after the summer? Or after holidays? Before, I suggest having a glance at this book published by Maeva, PEQUEÑAS IDEAS ANTES DE VIVIR EN PAREJA, so that you take note of these little details that will stop you from messing it up, if you’re warned. Loving as a couple is not easy and even less if that love is forever and 24 hours a day. Princes charming do not exist, and sharing a bed every night stops being something special, just as getting up every day to the sound of the alarm clock and with bleary faces. ‘Fighting’ for being the one that enters before in the bathroom or about who puts the dishes in the dishwasher: that really is what life together means, sharing everything, the good and the bad… That’s why this book is perfect for that particular friend who is convinced that the fact of moving in and live together will be the best thing that ever happened in her life, and I don’t say it’s not, but we must also be realistic and know that it is no bed of roses. It is better to take it with sense of humor and to read the ideas of the ‘experienced people’ and laugh with your partner and others persons about what COMMITMENT really means. And above all, take the compatibility test, which will give you many clues. Do you dare? This is a refreshing book for the summer and a special gift for anyone who wants to take that step, or has already taken it and wants to remember how it was like… Remembering is now fashionable and we all like it.

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