Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 16 December 2021

This week, and with Christmas very near, I love to recommend a family book. Álex Rovira and Francesc Miralles publish their third book of the Tales collection with Destino. After the success with TALES TO LOVE YOURSELF BETTER with 8 editions in Spanish and 5 in Catalan and sold to Rumania, Italy and Poland, and TALES FOR HAPPY BOYS AND GIRLS with 2 editions and going up, they publish TALES TO HAVE COURAGE, with 35 tales to help you empower yourself and overcome adversities. Who teaches us how to deal with life?

Both the children and adults have in our hands a great power, and with great power comes a great responsibility, like the superheroes, to shape our life and the new world that waits for us is necessary to wake up the courage that comes from self-knowledge of one’s strengths. Because of this, this anthology works the resilience, the art of sailing through the difficulties, the creative thinking and the of cultivation nutritive relationships, among a lot of other subjects that will help us have more courage.

Through this tales the parents can learn how to pass on these tools to our kids because what we want is that they are happy, yes, but we also want them not to suffer and that they know how to defend themselves in front of difficulties, without fear, face the situations with judgement and resilience. Many adults still do not know how to do it depending on the situations, because when they were children, nobody taught them how to do it.

I believe that between the three books, this one has an especial power because we know that there will be problems in life, but having the tranquility to have the weapons to fix problems has an incalculable value, and I am sure, that pass on this legacy to our children is something that all parents, grandparents, uncles, and godparents want for the little ones, and by the way, reflect on it as adults.

This book is a useful gift for this life, that after the pandemic it looks like everything is starting to go back to normality, not the normality that we had and that maybe will never come back, so we will have to adapt to this new reality, and we need tools like courage to do so.

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