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Author: Bruno Tuesday 10 January 2023

“The next one is born in the gaze of those who remain.” And one after that is to face the vacuum left by a mother and understand that no one teaches us to be orphans. With an intimate and irresistible voice, Alejandro Palomas welcomes us in the intimacy of the duel and gets caught up in the pain, naked and pure, emanating from absence. It’s the desire to meet her, to get into the idea of living with memories, the sweetness of understanding and discovering the woman hiding behind a mother.

‘What is caesary, Mom?

It’s opening a gift with a knife.”


Author: Bruno Tuesday 8 September 2020

“Una flor” by Alejandro Palomas is presented as a poetic experiment with symbolist reminiscences in which the verses follow one another as reflections, certainties and concerns. The symbol, the flower, stands as a parallelism of universal themes, tinged with intense thoughts on the poet’s craft and on the poem itself.


Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 6 May 2019

(1816, the year there was no summer)

Jordi Tello, the Instagram poet, returns with a new book of previously unpublished stories, through his poetic, fresh and new voice.

When someone breaks your heart, you ask yourself: “What part of me is so defective that it should go away? At what moment has it fallen out of love without telling me? Will it come back to see even how I am? When someone breaks your heart, you pray that he doesn’t leave yet, as if a few more minutes with you would be enough for him to love you again. You want to spend the little energy you haven’t cried yet to hold him anyway even if you know you can’t catch what is already a shadow. When someone breaks your heart you are invaded by insecurity, hatred, nostalgia. Guilt. When someone breaks your heart you are no longer the same.

In this book, Jordi Tello manages to braid sensitive and carnal love, madness, passion, uncertainty, absence and sadness. But also forgiveness. He does it with chivalry but in a direct and translucent way, almost crystalline. This is a work full of thoughts in liquid format.

Quiero. Poesía reunida (2012-2018)

Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 18 September 2018

“Quizás porque al Alejandro novelista le hace falta respirar con el aire de este otro, un aire más íntimo, más directo, menos elaborado.”

Alejandro Palomas, uno de los autores más aclamados del panorama español hoy, descansa brevemente de sus novelas y publica un poemario lleno de emociones y pensamientos profundos.Quiero es un viaje por la segunda vida del autor, quien no pudo disfrutar de una plena infancia, pero que ahora en sus cincuenta, el tiempo finalmente le ha ofrecido un descanso.



Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

More than a person will blush -by a wrong kind of decency- reading Morbo, since it seems still unusual in a woman this courage of Roser Amills Bibiloni to bare soul, heart and sex. What a masterly collection of poems full of strengh, courage and truth. Morbo is passionate and enlightened poetry. Roser Amills Bibiloni makes you faint by the blink of each verse; raw beauty. It tenders and eroticizes, disorders and touches.

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