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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 5 April 2018

Feelings are a hot topic in the world we are living in, since we often hesitate whether to publicly show them or not. Since I was a kid I’ve always enjoyed showing how I feel: hugging, kissing, caring for people. My siblings used to tell me I was annoying as whenever I had a chance I gave them a hug or a kiss. As I grew older it was harder for me to express those feelings, curious as it may be. I am trying to overcome that now I’m aware of it. There have been points in my life in which I’ve not been so at all, therefore I am tried to control my feelings so much up to the point to not even feel. Once I reached that point I knew it was about time to change. I think being able to say ‘I love you’, give a kiss, or a hug, is something we should never avoid. After a period of time in which our feelings have been deeply hidden, it is not easy to go back to normal but we have to try, to really try. Because when you stop feeling, you stop living.

Gaspar Hernández is the feelings erudite, and his newest novel is devoted specially to them. LA MUJER QUE NO SABÍA LLORAR published by Destino and Columna, on sale today, is the story of a woman who blocked her feeling to the point she was not even able to cry, not a chance. Not in funerals, nor in drama movies. Not even trying to provoke sadness. A colossal blocking. Her being a sexologist – one of the first sex experts during a time sex was a massive taboo-, she managed her mental blocking by settling down herself. Sex was a way of scaping, a way of moving forward. An insatiable woman. But sex is a way of vital energy. It’s got an spiritual dimension. Sex well performed can be a way to the great awakening. AND NOT ONLY SEX, but anything we consciously do, anything will open up our eyes and our hearts.

The narrator of the “La mujer que no sabía llorar”, author’s alter ego, met the famous sexologist, Daniela Costa-Pau, when he was only seventeen while he was working in a small journal as a scholarship. He edited her sex articles. Because of that relationship he got to know her story, a fascinating story on sexuality and sexual freedom, of highly sensitivity and about repressed feelings, Ayahuasca and people’s development and evolution. As he did with his pervious titles, EL SILENCIO, an amazing bestseller with over 60.000 examples sold, and LA TERAPEUTA, Gaspar explains how feelings affect our daily life, but instead of writing an essay on it, he discovers the plot through a marvelously written story making us deeply fall in love, as all his work does. A great novel, a great topic to wonder and think, a love story which completely traps you from beginning to end, suitable for all audiences who are looking for a different novel. If you are looking for that you must check this one out.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 18 February 2016

I’ve learned that you have to learn to behave in life. Respect everybody’s opinion, which doesn’t mean agreeing with them, but listening and accepting them even if your opinion is completely different, or even opposite. We have to learn to live with different kinds of people, with different views, but most of all with respect. One of the big debates is about what we call alternative; if homeopathy is good or bad, if what’s spiritual and natural is better. The truth is that I’ve always been interested in this world of the intangible, less scientific, without being extreme, because I always think that extremes aren’t healthy. This is why, when Gaspar Hernández suggested writing a book following a Catalan, Enric Corbera, who travels around the world saying that “nothing is real” and “we live in a dream”, I was equally surprised and excited. It’s true that I thought it wouldn’t be an easy book and even less so with just two hands, but Gaspar Hernández, author of EL SILENCIO, which sold more than 60000 copies, and LA TERAPEUTA, a novel that’s still alive in the market and is catching more followers because it’s the first novel that speaks loud and clear about ANXIETY, has managed to perfectly portray this  personality who’s not very known here, but a lot in Latin America, where he fills auditoriums, and whose Youtube videos have thousands of views.


The book NO SOY DE ESTE MUNDO/NO SÓC D’AQUEST MÓN published by Ediciones B, is a journalist work by Gaspar where he explains cases lived in the first person. He shows interest for non-duality, the Advaita, and the book “Un curso de Milagros”, and he investigates up to what point, Enric Corbera can perform miracles, like a lot of his followers claim. However, Corbera is also followed by doctors and his method is taught in universities in Latin America, but even so there are lots of people who think ¿Miracles? Those don’t exist. ¿Another enlightened one? ¿A guru who’s praised in Latin America because they believe in the supernatural more? These questions fill up this book, which shows a way of seeing life that’s radically different to the majority.

A spiritual diary, of the intangible. It’s difficult to explain, yes, but with this book you can check where the study comes from, what sources feed it and testimonies that live a life they may have not been able to live otherwise. A book that will open up debates, like I did in today’s blog, but that at the same time, gives an alternative, hope, for those who are in a vita finito moment. A journalistic and objective view of a method that everyone is free to follow or not, but that we should all know exists, before quitting.  There’s not a more precious value than each person’s life and we’re each is free to handle it however we want. And what’s most important is that I think we have the duty to respect it.

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