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Author: Bruno Thursday 27 April 2023
I know that in the publishing world it is now time for rom-coms, and that thrillers have lost steam. However, last Sunday, celebrating the international book day, people were seen buying all kinds of books. Although Joana Marcuse had her usual endless queue, there was a great diversity of requests from readers, and I, who love to see what people are reading, had my ears perked up listening to what people were asking for. The truth is that many wanted mystery, something thrilling, something engaging. For this reason, I think perhaps we should listen more to readers than to literary fads, but we’ll talk about that another time.   Today I am happy to recommend JUEGO DE SILENCIOS, by Eva Cornudella, published by Versátil. It is one of those novels that hooks you because its protagonist, the prosecutor Virginia Gilbert, feels that in her thirties, life is slipping through her fingers. She has a job she loves, a model husband, Diego… and no desire to be a mother, although she hasn’t dared to tell him that. It’s not that they are in crisis, but she suspects that there must be something more to life. After a night shift, when she gets home, she discovers Diego in bed with Fernando, their best friend. They are half-naked and appear to be asleep, but her husband is dead. Doesn’t that sound like a spectacular way to start a novel? A strange death, a difficult investigation, and many hidden silences.   As Lucía Etxebarría has said: “An intelligent and committed novel that you won’t be able to put down”. So, for those of you who didn’t complete the list this Sant Jordi: here is a very good recommendation. And for those of you who are thinking of a gift for Mother’s Day, this novel has everything to keep her hooked for a couple of days on the sofa, having a great time.

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