Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 21 February 2019

The meaning of revenge in the dictionary is: reprimand against someone. Normally someone will seek revenge when justice fails or thinks justice has not been done. I don’t think revenge is healthy, but I can understand that there are times when you feel that human need to avenge someone. This is what happens when Miquel, protagonist of the novel SAL ROJA by Ramon Gasch and Teresa Sagrera, a worker in the salt mines of Cardona, happy with his family, he sees how the  Felipe’s army massacre his village in the midst of the War of Succession, and kill what he loves the most: his family. From that moment on, this happy and familiar man will have only one objective: revenge. We will discover the Wolf of Cardona, who will be the leader of the guerrillas, and how he survived this era.

Ramon Gasch, author of BON COP DE FALÇ and LA VENJANÇA DELS ALMOGÀVERS, is a writer with a very good trajectory within the historical novel, and now returns with a great subject. It takes place at the beginning of the Reign of the Bourbons in Spain, which were no longer supported in 1711 by Catalonia, nor by Holland or England, who gave support to Charles of Hasburg. When the war was lost,  the Treaty of Utrecht was over, which recognised Philip V as King of Spain. From a Catalan village called Cardona, with its famous salt mines, the writers of this novel tell us this historical episode that marked the history of our country, and that will help us understand some problems still unresolved today, strange as it may seem. History should serve us to remember and to not fall into the same mistakes of the past.

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