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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 7 December 2017

TV series set trends, that is a given, and this year Netflix spoiled us with the TV adaptation of 13 reasons why, which made book sales exponentially rise up . Image always calls the youngest’s attention more easily since they have been born in the digital era, but they get, then, the book, so there is nothing to worry about. One of the TV series that keeps all teenagers in front of the TV each Monday night is ‘‘Merlí’’, broadcasted in Catalan in TV3, with the first season aired also in Spanish in La Sexta. The main idea behind the TV series is to convey philosophical values to teenagers through an irreverent teacher who teaches the toughest and hardest assignment, and, for many, the ‘’crappiest’’ one. However the ‘’mad’’ teacher knows how to explain each philosopher and their philosophy in an original and entertaining manner, and he even explains how what these wise men said can be understood and applied in nowadays world, and prove how those knowledges are not obsolete, but very much the opposite.

Hence why I think the book FILOSOFIA PER TREMPAR by J.R.Casafont can be an easy to read work for all of those who love the TV serie, which is reaching its ending, I think there are only two Mondays left, or maybe one, so the book can be a tool to understand even better why philosophy can help us making decisions every day, getting to know ourselves, and meeting people and establishing better relationships with them, the metaphysical secrets, the boundaries between good and bad in a world like our present world, how to be a spiritual in a material world and all we can come to know and all we can’t.

An interesting and free-and-easy book which, after the massive success of the TV series, should be one of the bestsellers at Christmas time, and forever, since a book with good tips is always a good idea in teenager’s lives and in their parents’, who should also read it. The author believes that philosophy is not difficult, but most of the times it is not well taught. Philosophers were not crazy wise men imprisoned in their own worlds, they were normal people, like you and I, who wanted to enjoy life, but who had problems, like all of us, and the only difference is that maybe they were not scared to say what they thought. Expressing one’s feelings is freedom, according to André Comte-Sponville ‘’The aim of philosophy will almost always be happiness, freedom or truth, or the conjunction of the three: wisdom’’.

We all want to be happy, free and wise, of that I’m sure, so a book like this one should be amongst our shelves, any practical tools to achieve what one desires is a treasure, and if it is in book format, it is even better. Happy reading!

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