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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 13 May 2021

I am excited to write this week’s blog, as I present a new author who published her second novel yesterday and her first with us. Our storytelling was so beautiful that only for that, the book should work. But the good part is that this book will work since it’s one of the most shocking thrillers that I have read recently, one of those manuscripts which move you for several reasons and in several ways. While reading it, you vibrate and realize that you have something important in your hands, something different, that you have A BOMB.

Her name is Men Marías and we met her thanks to the editing service that our agency offers. She had already published a first novel but, a good sportsperson, she was aware of the fact that being a writer requires professionality, training and learning so she asked for a professional reading and an editing for this novel which was published yesterday by Planeta: LA ÚLTIMA PALOMA. In order to recommend the representation of a manuscript, the editing team needs to be certain that an author is worthy, and this was the case. It happens so rarely that we read immediately when they let us know and Berta, my sister who you already know and who had been an editor long before becoming an agent, noticed something special in Men, something that would hook the readers and told me not to let this opportunity pass. While reading her, Berta had a similar feeling to what she felt when she read the manuscript by Dolores Redondo and that she felt this could be bestseller. So, we didn’t give it a second thought and we offered her to join the SB family and, in less than a month, we had already sent the book to Planeta, to Raquel Gisbert, the great discoverer of great works like EL TIEMPO ENTRE COSTURAS or LA CIUDAD BLANCA. It’s the perfect combo. After an impressive work by Raquel’s team, with Zoa Canovas leading it, among others who have helped perfect this project, yesterday we were the happy witnesses of the publication of a book that will certainly become a HUGE SUCCESS.

So, I can only ask for one thing. READ IT and let me know what you think. Meet sergeant Patria Santiago and dive into the Rota naval base where, behind the police cordon there is a brutal scene and a group of neighbors who claim for justice: the body of Diana Buffet lays terribly mutilated and with huge wings sown to her back. Neither the cameras nor the surveillance helicopter have filmed a single image that could e useful for the investigation: something which is unbelievable. Sergeant Patria Santiago knows that the killer will strike again, but nobody believes her, not even the corporal Sacha Santos, (who would love to be something more than her colleague) who thinks, like the rest of Rota, that Patria has undergone pain far too long to be trustworthy. There is just one clue, the research that Diana was conducting about the base and its connection with the disappearance of a young girl seventy years before, when the Americans arrived in Rota seem to be the only threads.

Only those who have experienced the pain can face such a macabre crime

I am sure that Men’s voice won’t leave anyone indifferent, and the plot will keep you hooked until the very end.

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