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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 10 October 2019

Today I woke up in autumn weather. Grey sky, rains and my mind is already in the Frankfurt Book Fair, as every October. With the Book Fair, I change my wardrobe: I store the summer clothes and take the winter dresses out. The month of September flies by, and October and November are also vanishing faster and faster, so it’s almost Christmas without noticing.

Books are the center of my life: new stories, new authors, stories that work, best-sellers, and those books that are hard to place but you want to keep fighting for them. It’s a whole new world: changing, difficult but also magic. I feel lucky to enjoy my job after all these years, because being inside this big wheel, it’s unbearable if you are not happy doing your work. So here we are, facing our Frankfurt number 18 as Sandra Bruna Literary Agency, and we feel like sharing awesome stories with publishers from all over the world.

Today I cannot recommend only one title, but out catalogue for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019 where we put a lot of work, effort, attitude and hope. As I always said: there is a publisher for every book and a book for every publisher, so our job is to make the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Do you want to join us?

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