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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 20 June 2019

In this blog we are always recommending books and this month, those who already know their holiday destination, I hope they also thought of which book or books will accompany them during their leisure time. Today, one of the novelties of the season, the new book by Malenka Ramos, LA PRINCESA DE MÁRMOL Y CRISTAL (The princess of marble and crystal) which is a fantastic summer reading. It has all the ingredients to keep you hooked because Malenka uses the mystery again and makes us believe what it’s not… And adding new elements to the story like love and a charismatic female protagonist, which help make it an addictive novel.

Samuel Ross is a writer and a psychiatrist known by his studies of criminal behavior. After a night of drunkenness, he’s the witness of the death of Arturo Coelho, partner of the businessman Markus Pastrana, investigated for embezzlement of funds, arms trafficking and the missing of several young women. He remembers it all like a dream, bits and pieces in his brain without any order until a week later he receives a letter: Salomé, the young woman who took the life of that man, describes him every minute of that terrible night and asks him for a favor, his help. The same night Salomé shows up at Samuel’s home. She needs to tell him her story, confess her reasons that lead her to all that madness- A story about love, pain, about the most inhuman cruelty. A story that will change the life of our protagonist forever. Because in this story… Nothing is what it seems.

Malenka Ramos already has a name in the publishing world and for me, she’s one of the women that deserves even more, because she manages all the registers, which is not easy, and this happens because she’s a great reader, since always, and that is captured on every page.

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