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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 6 July 2017

I confess that, ever since I was a little kid, I’ve liked romantic movies and books, even those that were a tiny bit cheesy –I was addicted to romantic relationships that seemed impossible, and that always ended up being possible. Typical stories that reminded me of the classic Romeo and Juliet; love stories between two different social classes, like Pretty Woman, or the typical story about a nerdy girl who isn’t that pretty and falls in love with the bad handsome guy of her class. How many stories like that have we read and seen? We do it over and over again, because we love them and because there are many lovers of love, and these stories keep moving us.

That’s why this week I have the pleasure to recommend a novel that follows this pattern, a modern Romeo & Juliet set in our century and written by a really young author, Paula Amor, whose novel has managed to be #1 in Amazon for several weeks already. Planeta has decided to publish it under the name PEDAZOS DE TI (‘Pieces of you’) and it tells a love story that shouldn’t have been…but that it was. That kind of love that you never forget in life and that we love reading, especially in summer, when everything is amusing and full of possibilities.

Devil and Abbie shouldn’t have met, they weren’t meant for each other, but Devil owned Abbie something that could only be paid with his whole life, so when the opportunity came up, she was more than ready to claim it. Abbie, the perfect little girl with braided hair, responsible, sensible, typical and inoffensive nerd. Who would suspect her? Devil? The bad guy, of leather jacket and trousers, leader of a rock band, addicted to everything destructive, including empty relationships.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to discover this author who has written a modern West Side Story that will hook young readers who, like me, keep enjoying this kind of stories where love always wins. A light read, very summery, by someone whose dream came true when this novel was published. We hope that she can continue to do so, because she’s got magic.

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