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Author: Bruno Thursday 4 February 2021

I have always liked love stories, with or without a happy ending. Love is something that always works and that is why it is one of the main plots in many of the novels we read.

This week is special, not only because I am in love with the novel I want to present you but also because it is the first novel by a new author, José Antonio Lucero, who will see his dream of publishing come true. When we met him, he came all the way to Barcelona to sign the contract with the agency and to see us face to face, things we could do before the pandemic and that we miss now, I was touched to see the special sparkle in his eyes when we explained everything that had happened to his novel since it came into our hands. It was a special meal because you could see his excitement and his eagerness for the publication day for LA VIDA EN UN MINUTO, his second novel, although his first with us and with Penguin Random House, under the Ediciones B imprint. The pandemic forced the book to come out later than planned, and it has taken us all a long time to hold on to that illusion, but this week is the week of the publication of this very special novel, with a wonderful cover and a story that will not leave readers indifferent.

LA VIDA EN UN MINUTO is the story of two young people who flee Madrid in the years after the Civil War. Julita is an upper-class girl who does not want to follow the guidelines imposed by her family and Daniel is a boy from the suburbs who is running away from his past in the war. United by the force of destiny, the two young people will coincide in a long journey on the express from Madrid to La Coruña, fleeing from what others have planned for them. There they will get to know each other, and their complicity will be born, without knowing that the train is headed for a catastrophe that will change their lives forever.

The minute it takes for two eyes to cross. LA VIDA EN UN MINUTO rescues a sadly unknown episode of the post-war period, the tragedy of a train crash that claimed hundreds of victims and was silenced by the Franco regime’s press. It does so to show us that love and life can sometimes be born in the rubble.

A great historical novel for a wide audience and one that deserves to have the success that both publishers and I believe it should have. A silenced event, a love story like those of ROMEO AND JULIET or JACK and ROSE in Titanic. Those great stories that thrill us all until the end.

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