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castellano: Umbriel
catalán: Umbriel


Genre: Romantic
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 0

Olivia is a young editor of self-help books. The success of her books has been modest to date and her boss keeps putting pressure on her to find a bestseller that will contribute to the imprint’s solvency. Only then she will be finally promoted, and she will displace Malena, the other editor who also competes to get the post.

But her life will change drastically when she gets to acquire “The Seven Suns of Happiness”, a book that has sold millions in the US. The author is her admired Jon Sunman, an attractive and American guru who suddenly announces his visit to Barcelona. As the young editor lets lady-killer Sunman seduce her, a new player comes to the love board: Javier, the translator of the book, and a staunch enemy of the author.

Trapped in a passion triangle of divine and human nature, our protagonist will dive into a big adventure that will lead her to self-determination and, very probably, to her love for life.

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