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Genre: Contemporary Thriller
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 208

Amat is an extraordinarily beautiful teenager. His new teacher at school, an elegant Hungarian woman who arouses passions among her pupils and fellow teachers, decides to help him. Erzsebet, around 40 years old, seduces his protégé, who comes from a broken family. She introduces him to a world of refinement, sophistication and sensuality.

Erzsebet, whose past and origins of her fortune are unknown, decides to turn her protégé into a perfect human being. However, Amat soon discovers there is a dark side to his luck which brings about unfortunate consequences. It all begins when he discovers there was a Hungarian countess called Erzsebet Bathory in the XVI century, who bathed in the blood of sacrificed virgins to maintain her youth.

When Amat falls in love with a school mate, his protector becomes a threat and forces him to escape, which could be the ruin of the three of them…

Published in Spanish by Martinez Roca and Catalan by Columna.

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