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Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Topic: Young
Number of pages: 256

Alex is fifteen and has a dark past of abuse, due to his living with a foster family that has turn him into a sullen, lonely guy. But everything changes when he accidentally comes into contact with a group of youths who are entering the subtle magic, a discipline commanded by the enigmatic Mr. Zero.

The names of the four disciples coincide on its first syllable with the four cardinal Noelia, Susana, Esteban and Oe, this alst one of Japanese origin. They are positioned at each corner of the hall of initiation, in the center where Mr. Zero exercises his mental powers and challenges them constantly.

Alex's fascination for this secret school and especially by the beautiful and eccentric Noelia will take him to apply for membership. To be accepted, however, he must pass tests in the strange outside world to prove himself worthy of receiving the gift of magic.

The once shy boy finds himself performing dangerous experiments, including in the home of his adoptive family, which begins to become aware of his powers. The four cardinal wizards have become also the best friends he has ever had. And it seems that Noelia will correspond soon.

But after the rites of initiation, Landau (Alex's new name at the discipline) must pass a final ordeal where he will face his former colleagues. Threatened from the north, south, east and west, will take a deadly race to a terrible secret that is much closer than anyone could suppose…

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