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Genre: Erotic
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 380


Get immersed in an unbridled fantasy where sex, mystery, infidelity, banality, love, betrayal and yearning for a second chance shake up the lives of characters who will get caught in a voluptuous and malicious game designed by a mind as passionate and sensual as delirious.

Jericó, a business man in a crumbling marriage and about to go bankrupt, asks the waiter in his usual pub for directions to a new bar — one with some other sort of ambiance. He is looking for new emotions to forget his personal drama. The waiter gives him a card with a name on it — “Donatien” —, a phone number, and a password: “the misfortune of virtue”. Jericó calls, and goes to the address written in the card. It turns out to be a clandestine place in the Old Town of Barcelona. From that night on, he will find himself involved in a sadistic game, an orgy devised as an underground cult where extreme love practices aim to perpetuate the libertine spirit of the Marquis de Sade.

Jericó will discover during the game that, since he started his idyllic relation with wealth and power, he has been a victim of numerous manipulations. If he wants to survive, he will have to get rid of his past, strip his own self bare, and face his fate.

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