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Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 21 July 2021

The 24th of July the Olympic Games will begin in Tokio. In 2020 they had to be cancelled due to Covid, and this year the challenge is to organize them. These will be the first Olympics after the pandemic as we still drag consequences of all kinds. Sportspeople, who have also been affected by not being able to train in the best conditions until recently, face a real challenge: fighting for their dream every day. I understand their eagerness but their nervousness and fears too. Whatever the case, it’s fantastic to have the Olympic games and sports back and, in a country like Japan, where everything seems more calm, orderly and Zen.

Our agency has had the great book of the Japanese concept, which has been a worldwide bestseller: IKIGAI. But here is a selection of all the titles that we have in our catalogue, where Japan is a trademark:

IKIGAI – The Japanese secrets for a long happy life.

EL MÉTODO IKIGAI – Find your real passion and accomplish your life’s purpose.

SHINRIN YOKU – The art and science of forest bathing.

WABI SABI – The wisdom of imperfection.

GANBATTE – The Japanese art of always moving forward.

UN GEEK EN JAPÓN – Today’s Japan seen through the lenses of a Spaniard who lives there.

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