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Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 3 September 2019

A guide to lose weight by freeing ourselves from bad habits, but without having to submit to the slavery of diets.

Dr. Magda Carlas introduces a simple manual with habits to incorporate into our day-to-day life in order to lose those extra kilos. Numerous studies show that diets do not work, it is much more important to live a healthy life every day, learning that the key is to know how to be flexible, avoiding radicality in the diet, something that can be counterproductive.

In this book we will learn to self-explore and analyze our habits, we will discover what we do wrong and we will obtain the necessary tools to incorporate small changes in our day to improve our weight and our health.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 6 June 2019

(Frida for the passionate ones)

In the first book that portrays the Mexican artist as master of the art of living, Allan Percy presents 60 daily inspirations to put color to our existence, and dare to live it on our own way, escaping from other’s expectations.

From the author of ‘Nietzsche for the stressed-out’, among other best-sellers, the capsules of practical wisdom of this great creator are a huge source for, among many other inspirations…

  • Knowing our true essence
  • Freeing the creativity we carry inside
  • Overcoming life’s setbacks
  • Chasing our own dreams
  • Finding love in and out of oneself
  • Living with intensity moment by moment


MBA sin Maestros (MBA with no teachers)

Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 18 September 2018

An irony about the indisputable truths that business schools teach, a book that destroys the myths surrounding the MBA education. El MBA sin maestros is not an attack to these business schools but the author suggest alternatives and states that people do not need to acquire more knowledge but to know how to apply them. This book is addressed to those who have already studied an MBA or are considering starting one.



Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 15 June 2018

Bullying is hitting quite hard on kids at an increasingly early age, what are we failing at?

Bullying: ¿por qué a mí? is a basic work that gathers the main definitions of “bullying”, the most common situations of harassment, the average profile of victims and bullies and the psychological after-effects that the people involved may drag afterwards. Moreover, the book describes the guidelines and strategies to fight against it using real examples and the testimony of boys and girls. This brings a closer perception to the most common harassment situations and provides the readers with the means and strategies to work on it in schools and families. Most of us can and should identify and understand in a rather intuitive way a bullying situation. It’s in our hands the power to aid the kids and teens who are victims of it and help them fight it and beat it.


Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 26 July 2017

The best tips to look after your self physically and mentally to run faster, longer, and better

This book contains all the knowledge and experience you will need to reach the goals you have set yourself and to dare to live a life “without borders”.

When it comes to success, health plays a key role – especially if you want to improve your performance on the long term. This is why it is imperative to prepare the body inside and out so that it does not fail you when you need it most. Whether you want to take things to the next level or if you have just started working out, this book contains thorough and practical advice on training, resting and eating, and also delves into core aspects such as effort, perseverance and motivation.

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