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Author: Bruno Thursday 23 February 2023

In the Charterhouse of Escaladei a secret is hidden.

Some want to uncover it. Others will shed blood for it.

A gripping historical thriller full of atmosphere, mystery and conspiracies.

Montsant, 2019. The appearance of the corpse of Jaume Folch, patriarch of a wine dynasty in the vicinity of the Charterhouse of Escaladei, puts the forces of order on alert. The victim’s throat had been slit and a symbol engraved with a knife on his chest. The notoriety of the surname and the cruelty shown in the murder demand a quick and discreet investigation, which is assigned to the inspector of the Mossos d’Esquadra Víctor Sanz Gimeno.

Sagi, the nickname by which everyone knows the policeman, along with the young journalist who discovers the body and who always seems to be one step ahead, will not only uncover the rivalries of the deceased’s family, but also a legend about a secret brotherhood that dates back to the 15th century.


Author: Bruno Tuesday 8 November 2022

In 2012, at the harshest moments of the Greek crisis, the young Rebeca Benveniste is completely alone and on the verge of eviction. His adored nona, his grandmother, has died, and with his studies of Hispanic Philology he cannot find any work to sustain himself. He then decided to travel to the small village of Alpartazgo, in the province of Zaragoza, where his Sephardic ancestors came from over five hundred years ago.

In the end of the 15th century, Vida Benveniste, the daughter of the butcher of the jueria de Alpartazgo, befriends Leonor de Lanuza, who belongs to the most powerful local noble family. Both are intrepid and intelligent and do not accept the constraints that mark them when professing different religions. Their lives will inevitably run through very different beds, but over and above creeds and social impositions their friendship will always prevail, loose with deep feelings.Two vibrant and luminous stories that are intertwined, filled with small and great stories of love, sex, friendship, humor, uprooting and motherhood. Because female friendship and sorority are the driving force of our lives.

El misteri d’Arthur Rimbaud

Author: Bruno Thursday 14 May 2020

After Verlaine’s death, the poem that Rimbaud gave him, La chasse spirituelle, travelled from France to Reus, and from Reus to Móra la Nova, where it remained secretly under a floor tile of Esteve’s family oil mill. Luis Esteve was commissioned by his grandfather Antoni to be the secret curator of the poem, a poem that is in fact a grimoire, as Verlaine had insinuated with “sharp psychological intuitions” and “strange mysticisms.” In the course of the novel we will discover how Rimbaud wrote the poem and the rest of his journey.

Halfway between the literary thriller and the historical setting novel, El misteri d’Arthur Rimbaud offers a series of chapters that the reader can read according to the order offered by the author or the one he owns decides.


Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 16 January 2017

When the II World War has just ended, Erika Ernemann, apprentice in a Contax camera factory, is kidnapped with her mother and two hundred more people by the Russian army. The soviets have decided that only with technicians and German workers will they manage to set in motion the manufacturing of a Contax replica, the Kiev camera.

Many years later, in 1961, when the world shudders with the first news about the making of the Berlin Wall, Erika travels to Barcelona as a member of the German police. The murders of two young women remind her about the methods of her kidnappers and the terrible moments she lived as a teen. With the help of inspector Casajoana, she’ll try to find out the reason why everything has begun again.

The complexity of what lies behind those crimes surpasses the most fertile imagination, and Erika finds really difficult to explain those without immersing herself back into her past, without reliving again the facts that she has always wanted to forget.

An inspiring crime story based in the life of the photographer Erika Ernemann and set in the world of classical photographic cameras, when technology was still measured by mechanical precision and the beauty of pictures was a result of chemical processes that now seem doomed to disappear.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

A brave woman. A treasure in danger.

A magical novel in the heart of Barcelona.

History, legend and fantasy guide a nonconformist, determined and courageous woman by the thousand secrets of the Gothic Barcelona in a novel full of mystery, magic and emotion.

Christmas of 1562. Dr. Lluna Aymerich and her daughter Eulàlia wait hopeful the imminent return of the father. In a dirty and dark corner, Hug de Montcada nobleman is murdered by a few mercenaries who want to snatch the Book of the Essences, a compendium of magical and natural knowledge.

In the midst of a world of men, the brave doctor, as she struggles to save her daughter and to heal the sick of an epidemic plague, undertake an intricate career among Barcelona – the city of the three cathedrals or the underground labyrinth. And thanks to the ancient secrets that keep the stones, she discovers the way to protect the Book.

As he did with Les bruixes d' Arnes, David Martí immerses us in a nearby world full of charm and wisdom. A world where fantasy and reality come together.

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