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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 29 October 2015


Nobody chooses their family. And now that Christmas approaches, many fear the holidays and arguments around the table. It is not my case because I adore my family, and I’m happy when we all gathered and we have time to talk about things that are not job, because in my case, my immediate family also works with me and are my supporters both personally and professionally. I know it sounds strange, but we know very well how to separate needs to be separated. A family business, whether it is, is not easy, but it is encouraging. To me have my family near makes me better and gives me the necessary strength to go on … We are a family of blue eyes like the characters of DIAMANT BLAU (BLUE DIAMOND), where Care Santos once again gives us a lesson in how to make an extraordinary novel, with courageous and charismatic characters who fight for what they want and know how reach what they love. Teresa Pujolà, first daughter of a bourgeois family in Mataró, relinquish her social position to achieve what she really wants. As a woman ahead of her time, she doesn’t want just receiving piano lessons and marrying the one she should, but she looks forward and decides to build a future next to the person she loves. She will challange everything for love and she will be strengthened. A story of a brave woman and, for those who doubt it, a story that tells that we must fight for ours dreams. The story of Teresa is a wonderful example of that. I always try to fight for what I believe and go all the way, although it is not easy. Not all dreams can come true, but they can be fought, and the most important is that we know what we want to be happy.

Care Santos has thrilled us with novels as HABITACIONES CERRADAS (Closed Rooms), that we’ll see in TV next November 3rd with Adriana Ugarte as one of the protagonists, and DESIG DE XOCOLATA (Desire for chocolate), Ramon Llull Prize 2014. Therefore, we don’t need more to say that you cannot miss DIAMANT BLAU (BLUE DIAMOND), a great gift for Christmas.

 “If one day you have to choose between the world and love … remember: If you choose the world run out of love, but if you choose to love him conquer the world” Einstein

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