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Author: Bruno Thursday 4 June 2020

Gràcia is the neighborhood where I live and work. I confess I’ve always loved it. Some people say it’s the “SOHO” of Barcelona, and they’re right (however, I see more of a human face than a fashion one). I love living in the neighbourhood: shopping in the market, walking the streets, talking to the drugstore guy, the woman in the clothing store, the pharmacist… these things only happen in a real neighbourhood like this one.

The group Enciclopèdia Catalana has just recovered Carla Gracia’s work entitled SET DIES DE GRÀCIA, a novel set in 1870 that places us in the Barcelona neighbourhood during the well-known revolt of the Quintas. During the seven days that this revolt lasted, the Gràcia district remained on the warpath by refusing to participate in the draw that would condemn the future soldiers and their impoverished families. The author focuses the action on the historical events that took place during the revolts while presenting us with the life of the main character, Marina Lledó, a strong and brave woman who has fought all her life to find her place.

SET DIES DE GRÀCIA tells a story where the family secrets are the common thread. Through these, the reader enters into the real problems that many families of the time had. These secrets are the key to the suspense we find in the play, which always keeps the reader hooked. In short, it is a well-settled and perfectly constructed story. Carla Gracia has already demonstrated her literary talent in her latest work El ABISMO. Now, with the relaunch of SET DIES DE GRÀCIA, we can see the great potential of this author who is in full literary growth.

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