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Author: Bruno Thursday 28 May 2020

I still feel those butterflies fluttering in my stomach every time an author opens. Discovering Laura Mas, one of the latest additions to the agency, has made me feel these emotions again. When she came to the office, I immediately felt that we understood each other perfectly and that there was a certain connection between us. I was unable not to fall in love with the project she presented to me that day. That project was LA MAESTRA DE SÓCRATES (Socrates’ Teacher) and this week it finally arrived in the bookstores. 

Year 440 BC. The politician and orator Pericles asks for the help of priestess Diotima of Mantinea to rid Athens of the plague. During the purification ceremony, a thirty-year-old Socrates is fascinated by the wisdom of this woman. The philosopher soon discovers through his dialogues with Diotima that he knows nothing about love and begins to learn about the mysteries of Eros. LA MAESTRA DE SÓCRATES presents the figure of a brave woman ahead of her time whose ideas are the origin of the concept of Platonic love. In Plato’s Banquet, Socrates reveals to the rest of the guests: “Everything I know about love I learned from her”.

LA MAESTRA DE SÓCRATES is a novel that takes us back to the golden age of Athens, a city that would eventually form the foundations of Western culture. Throughout the pages we will witness several lessons that would end up inspiring the foundations of our philosophy. Laura Mas shows us with this novel the truth behind that famous phrase that says “behind a great man, there is always a woman”. Do you want to know the real story between Diotima and Socrates? Don’t miss this novel about one of the fundamental figures of philosophy.

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