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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 1 September 2016

The summer is over. For almost all of us, we are now back to routine and no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves that having a job related to what we like is wonderful, and having a job even more, I must confess that the return to work remains tough, especially when the summer has been fun, with a great deal of plans with friends, sport, sun, beach and family. What a privilege! Nevertheless, the return had to come and here we are for whatever may come during this new season. Good things must come to an end so that they can begin again, that’s what my father always told us when we were young and it always cheered me up. So let’s say we said goodbye to the summer with joy and start this month back to “school” with joy, enthusiasm and willingness too. We must live in the present, the now and exploit the most of it. For many of us, including me in the first place, it is hard to manage emotions: the sadness because the summer is over, the fear because a new stage begins, because of the school change for our children… It is a cocktail that whoever has and knows how to handle it with the correct weapons, is really much happier than the others.


So my first recommendation for this season is ideal for those who need a little push, some easy advice that will help to face the New Year from now with all the passion that it deserve. Mónica Esgueva has published her book MINDFULNESS, UNA GUÍA PRÁCTICA with Zenith and she suggests that, in these times of distraction, we must not lose our focus and enjoy what is here and now. After more than twenty years in the world of meditation and with the help of great Eastern teachers who taught her to practice and perfect this technique, the author presents this guide in which she includes all her knowledge and introduces us to the world of the Mindfulness in a clear way. She also suggests exercises to help us to focus, to let go our concerns and to appreciate what we have without feeling that we are missing something. The book is already on my night stand and I start my CARPE DIEM plan without further delay. Would you start with me?

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