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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 17 February 2022

Love, friends, astrology… and a lot of gossip!


Luna does not believe int the horoscope nor stars. On one hand because her mother is astrologer. On the other hand, because the universe seems to be going against her. She is Leo, a born leader according to the stars, but she does not have friends. Well, that is not exactly the truth, she has one, her neighbour Pol. One afternoon she fins a note under a bench. It is from someone who seems to be having problems and signs it with Pisces. Encouraged by Pol, and guided by an astrology from her mom, decides to write back to Pisces, but how can she pass the letter if she does not know who he is? Olivia, her oratory classmate, an idealistic Virgo, successful and helpful, decides to join the cause. Together they create Astrolove, some sort of sentimental consultancy about the horoscope that soon will become very popular in their high school.


Tell me your horoscope and I will tell you who to fall in love with.


Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 1 July 2019

Samuel Ross is a writer and a psychiatrist known by his studies of criminal behavior. After a night of drunkenness, he’s the witness of the death of Arturo Coelho, partner of the businessman Markus Pastrana, investigated for embezzlement of funds, arms trafficking and the missing of several young women. He remembers it all like a dream, bits and pieces in his brain without any order until a week later he receives a letter: Salomé, the young woman who took the life of that man, describes him every minute of that terrible night and asks him for a favor, his help. The same night Salomé shows up at Samuel’s home. She needs to tell him her story, confess her reasons that lead her to all that madness- A story about love, pain, about the most inhuman cruelty. A story that will change the life of our protagonist forever. Because in this story… Nothing is what it seems.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 18 May 2017

I never imagined that in a lost island in the English Channel I’d meet someone that would change my life. And even less so, that a year afterwards, that dark and small island would call me again, just like a soft mermaid song, to show me once again the light, or maybe trap me in its shadows. Tragedy falls upon Silence hill and maybe it’s time for the darkest secrets to come out and for the masks to drop. And I’ll have to fight the hardest battle…my heart’s.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 5 May 2016

Remo has just seen Carol at the airport. The good part? They connected. The bad part? Remo is on his way to Los Angeles to take a sabbatical year while Carol travels to Japan to live with her father.

What could happen between two strangers that are in the other part of the world? What can they know from each other from the pictures the upload on HeartPic or the entries they write on BlogBits? And why won’t their heart stop beating every time they get a message on HeartBits?


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 5 December 2014

Venganza 3. Sin compasión is the third volume of the saga by Malenka Ramos

Years ago, Quimera was an orphanage where children experienced real torments. With the passage time, as grown men, those children built their own empires, and swore to themselves that their people would never go through thepainful experiments they were subjected to.

United in different families and clans, they don’t hesitate to help each other in professional and personal matters. Samara’s life with her beloved goes on. Everything seems wonderful, and sometimes nearly normal…. Nothing farther from the truth… Dominic has infringed the houses’s norms so she is not yet another slave, and that unleashes a conspiracy that leads the implacable, amoral and vindictive members of the Malbaseda clan back into their lives. Someone is weaving a spider web so thick and consistent that the darkness Dominic thought he had removed from his soul is reawakened.

In this new instalment suspense, pain and love return stronger than ever. Once again, nothing is what it seems.

Welcome again to the palace of frenzy! Welcome to Quimera!

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