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Author: Bruno Monday 13 March 2023

Virginia Gibert, a prosecutor in an examining magistrate’s court, feels that, at the age of thirty-something, life is slipping through her fingers. She has a job she is passionate about, a model husband, Diego… And no desire to be a mother, although she has not dared to tell him that. It’s not that they are in crisis, but she suspects that there must be something else in life.

After a night shift, when she gets home, she discovers Diego in bed with Fernando, their best friend. They are half-naked and appear to be asleep, but her husband is dead.

The judge on duty in charge of the investigation of the case is Mario Laredo, who was Virginia’s first boyfriend and who has returned to her life with the clear intention of recovering what they had.

A dead husband, a close friend as the main suspect, an ex-boyfriend in charge of the investigation and a prosecutor with personal interests in the case. Cross suspicions, hidden desires and forbidden loves in a disturbing criminal investigation plot.


Author: Bruno Wednesday 30 November 2022

«Life is what happens here and now».

A full book of reflections and Anne’s learnings Igartiburu for every day of #the any.viure is not a static thing. The life destroys and constructs with each breath, with each tictac, with each commence the day and each small gesture. Therefore, this book is an ideal partner at the quest of existing. Inside it, you’ll find 366 reflections that invite you at conscious being of who want to being at each moment, at being more near you same and at living more intensely the present. Anne Igartiburu, communicator for more of two decades, is one of the most loved television presenters of our country. During the last years she has exerted an impressive labor of divulging at the field of the emotional wellbeing, one of her big passions at which she has formed with some of the best professionals of distinct areas. Her meetings with experts at psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience or philosophy at his distinct canals of diffusion and at his Podcast My Beat of More have awarded him big recognition. At this book wants to share some of his more esteemed learnings fruit of this work.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 22 March 2022

Get ready to receive wonderful blessings and attract miracles into your life.


Can you imagine if you could connect to the wifi of the Universe and ask it for everything you want? What would you ask for if you knew that your greatest desires would be granted? Many people believe that prosperity is mostly about material wealth. In this book full of magic and wisdom we will learn that true prosperity is a spiritual quality within the reach of any person and that it extends to all areas of life, not just external wealth.

Through seven keys, carefully unraveled by the author, and a series of very useful and powerful practical exercises, we will learn to raise our vibration, to eliminate all the obstacles that stand in our way and to become the truly prosperous and happy people we are called to be.


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 17 September 2021

Make your move to the personal fulfilment and success.

The chess board is a lucid representation of the game of life. There are successes that need little and humble progress, like those of the pawn; others ask for confident and blunt, like those of the queen. There are losses and setbacks but there are also changes of strategy that gets us back the control of the game, the power over our destiny.

In this book, the 64 squares of the board offer us their vital lesson. Each one of them serves for:

-Strategies for success based on intelligence.

-Anecdotes form the chess world: the difficulties of the great players, the tournaments, and legendary games.

-An infinity of tales and legends that set an example for each one of the lessons of life.

-Exercises for personal fulfillment.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 6 April 2021

Learn Kamala Harris’ daily habits to achieve your goals. 

Kamala Harris has made history. Not only she’s become the first woman in charge of the US vicepresidency, but she is also the first African American in this position. However, her path has never been easy and it doesn’t seem to be over yet.  The Kamala Method introduces one hundred crucial points of Harris’ life: her habits, her turning points, her way to face conflicts… Daily details are what build each one’s destiny and this book brings us closer those of a self-made woman so we can apply them to our own lives.

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