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Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 25 March 2019

Elvis Riboldi is a very, very special boy.

Some people say he’s the devil’s reincarnation. And Elvis makes sure to prove it constantly, without saving scabrous details.
Elvis Riboldi provokes so many disasters as laughter in his readers. In this first installment, Elvis reviews his most beloved childhood
memories. Three pages later he runs out of most-belovedchildhood memories and gets started on with the most obnoxious. And it just makes you laugh even more. TV series coming soon, pre-sold in 120 different countries through: Cartoon, Network, Disney Channel and Broadcost.
The tv show will be on your tv on Fall 2019. Ask us about the books the tv series will be based on! Plus new titles coming after!



Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 29 October 2014

This book is a selection and also a mix: a selection of three hundred pages among the more than thousand drawn in the course of my life, and a miscellany of cartoon stories and stand-alone jokes from different periods and styles, with some added pencil sketches I had never published before. I shortened titles, erased speech bubbles and supressed entire frames … It was sort of a dream: to be able to choose the best of my work, and create with that a brand new book. If life gave us an opportunity like this, happiness would be guaranteed.

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