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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 21 May 2015

Sometimes life is like a game. Some people come into your life and then disappear, others come and s000tay forever, these are the best, and there are also some people who have been really important in your life and, for no reason, disappear to never come back. Human relationships are complex, and we all keep “secrets” that mark our future. As years pass by, you understand many things. There are few people in life that stay forever and unconditionally, unless they are family. In my case family has always been the most important pillar and I know, for sure, that they will never let me down.

I am very sorry for losing friends, but I realized that perhaps it is the best because people change, we forget the common past, and often is easier not to communicate to understand what happened, it is easier letting go that fight. When I was younger, I struggled to maintain friendships, but now, due to some bad experiences, I am not trying that hard. It is something that I am not proud to confess.

However there is an important part of people who stay, they are the usual ones, the ones who understand life as I do, and they are another of my pillars. And I am excited to have the opportunity to expand the circle of friends, because we are already starting the second stage of life, and perhaps in the second round friends will be more mature, calmer, they will remain forever and understand life as I do.

But as I said, life is like a game, you never know what will happen or who you’ll meet. Maybe a single person will give a total turn to your life, sometimes this turn is necessary and sometimes it is unexpected, able to destabilize what seemed calm. Malenka talks about it in her long awaited new novel GARDEN MANOR, JUEGA CONMIGO, where Jonás returns to the family home after the death of his grandfather to sell the mansion where he lived as a child. There he will have to face his ghosts, friends, servants, family, but also into his life will appear a new persona, Daniela, a young restorer who he hires to help him taking inventory of the antiques in the house. Jonás immediately and passionately attracted to her. Both of them start a game, and together they will discover unexpected events. At the same time, Jonas will have to fight against many secrets and nightmares that Garden Manor causes him. A FANTASTIC NOVEL WITH PASSION, HIDDEN SECRETS, ART AND LOVE.

GARDEN MANOR, JUEGA CONMIGO is the perfect novel for reading on a spring weekend. Malenka awakes our passion and curiosity at the same time, the story has the perfect ingredients for not wanting to stop reading. Do you dare to play with us?

First chapter here (in Spanish).

“I’m not a perfect person, I usually make mistakes, but I value the people that, even knowing that from me, stay with me.”

Sandra Bruna


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 14 May 2015


I don’t know if magic exists, but I like to think it does and that everything that surrounds it may be true. It is also true that there are many scams! There are healers that don’t heal, tarot readers who cheat, and seers who see nothing, and only prey on people’s desperation. However, there are professionals who know what they do and they explain you that tarot cards have to be interpreted, and that they are never irrevocable. And, when you do a little of research, you find people who achieved “miracles” (or the way you like to call it): they cure people or improve their living with only small changes in their lives.

Magic is a word with room for many things. There is a part related to a hidden world, but magic can also be found in quotidian life. I want to believe that there is good  magic, and that with its help we can make wishes come true. We are told since we are kids, tales tells us: just believe and be positive to make things come true. At least we have to try, and maybe magic is in yourself, and you only have to know how to find it, or someone to help you discover, like Mary Poppins with her children, like Peter Pan and Wendy or the magic that emerges in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Isabel del Río publishes her first adult novel, LA VIDENT DE LA LLUNA PLENA with Columna editorial in Catalan, and soon with Kailas Editorial in Spanish. This is a novel in which, through the tarot cards, the protagonist will discover many things about her past and her present, always with mystery and magic as a backdrop. LA VIDENT DE LA LLUNA PLENA is an original novel that keeps you in tension and leaves you wanting to read more.

Congratulations to Isabel for this premiere in adults where we have started a non-easy way, because the word difficult has not magic in it, so it is better not to name it. We are sure to make a space to that author and novel, because they deserve it. We go for it with a little help of good fairies magic and also of those readers who like mystery novels in which nothing is what it seems.

Enjoy the booktrailer (in Spanish)!

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” Roald Dahl.

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