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Genre: Historic Novel
Topic: Non-fiction
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1951, in the midst of Francoism, was inaugurated “The City of the Boys”, an Learning Home in the Collserola Forest for orphaned and resourceless children. But what was sold as an exemplary institution, a replica of an innovative project, turned into hell for many of those who lived there. Grandpa Emilio between them. There it lost much more than innocence, and still suffers the consequences in secret today. At least until the day he hit his grandson. What kind of person is a child who, when he most needs love and attention from whom he should protect him, only receives screams, punishments and ill-treatment? This is a history of resilience; on the lights and shadows, own or otherwise, that set the limits on care in the first and third ages; on collective beliefs that confuse education with indoctrination or respect for authority; but, above all, it is a call to compassion: the last possible and most important form of love. Lifeguard for all.

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