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Genre: Self-help and coaching
Topic: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 259

The author of this book was inspired while he was interviewing a man who had followed all kinds of diets to lose weight: “The overweight is the principal cause of unhappiness; there are other toxic loads that we should get rid of in order to walk briskly and to provide our lives with the silhouette that deserves”.

Francesc Miralles baptized it as “The spiritual diet “, a program to get thinner that is not about food, but about what is a burden or an impediment to our daily life. Suggested as a diet organized in 24 weeks, the aim’s program is to clean 24 areas of our life usually dwelled by the toxic attitudes and the big mistakes that, as they perpetuate, end up creating bags of unhappiness that make harder to keep the everyday course. The goals of the spiritual diet are:

-To delete self-destructive behaviours

-To promote habits that encourage efficiency and optimism

-To get free of non-productive mental loops

-To increase our existential breadth    

-To work with expectations that offer benefits to our life

-To eradicate metal addictions

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