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castellano: Penguin


Genre: Contemporary novel
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 432

The stories paintings hide

An intimist novel masterfully created which explores different times and places (Spain, Civil War, Paris, New York…) and presents a brutal love story, an impossible story, caused by the insecurities and fear due to the incapacity to admit that perhaps, not to love, was a mistake.

«It was a fresh autumn afternoon. Dampness was hanging in the air. Fallen leaves were gathered around the pavements of the old city’s boulevard. Martín and Blanca Luz began to walk, side by side, as they did that afternoon when they came home for the first time, not too fast, enjoying the walk and enjoying the atmosphere built up around them.»

Blanca Luz Miranda is a successful business woman. Her life goal: to build up an enormous fortune to collect art. In New York, in an auction of one of the most disturbing paintings by Martín Pendragón, this now enigmatic eyes old lady, will have her dream fulfilled. In the same room there is a journalist who is watching her, being aware that that millionaire payment hides a secret and she will do everything on her hands to find it out. What she does not know is Blanca Luz will be one the to write her own story.

A novel full of nuances, frictions, secrets which reveals there is always a secret behind every work of art that cannot be hidden.

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