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Castellano: La Galera
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Genre: Illustrated
Topic: Young
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Your favorite sentimental office reopens its doors.

After Christmas, Luna returns to Universal and discovers that all her friends are weird. Olivia and Greta have become inseparable, Dunia Palermo has moved to Italy, Pol spends all his time with his mother, and Bruno? Bruno is the worst of all. He says he met someone during the holidays and that he has a girlfriend – does he even remember the kiss he and Luna shared on the day of the show?

Luna would be very sad about all that if she wasn’t so busy trying to get rid of Max’s son Leo. A rebellious boy, a year older than her, who also goes to Universal. Since his mother and Max started dating, they’ve hardly been apart. Although according to the stars she doesn’t have much to worry about because her mother and Max’s signs are most incompatible and…. Wait a minute? The stars also say that she and Leo have the same mind when having a common goal. Could they come together so that their parents finally understand that they’re not meant for each other?

While Luna’s personal life gets complicated, life at Universal goes on… and she and her friends will have to continue to give Astrolove a voice, with new cases to solve and their eyes always on the stars.

More love, more astrology and much more fun!

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