Author: Bruno Thursday 24 November 2022

This weekend has been a tough one for me. A 54-year-old friend of mine is gone, after fighting cancer for a year and a half. He was the healthiest and most athletic person you can imagine, and when he was diagnosed with that malignant tumour, we all clung to the hope that if anyone could fight it, even though the chances of life were slim, it was him. That strong and courageous person who was never afraid of anything. However, this was not the case, and we have had to accept this unfair and hard-to-digest goodbye. It is these situations that make you reflect on the fact that we only have one life and we have to live for the moment, but the unfortunate thing is that something big always has to happen before we have time to stop and listen to ourselves. It is then that we realise we cannot wait to enjoy life thinking that the extraordinary things will come, because it is the little things that fulfill us and give meaning to each day. This was very important to my friend, and that is why I know that he will be on a high peak enjoying the views of the world and watching from there that everything is going well for us around here.

For this reason, LA VIDA EMPIEZA CADA DIA, the book published this week by Anne Igartiburu, has a special meaning for me. As Anne says: LIFE IS HERE AND NOW. Anne Igartiburu, who has been a communicator for more than two decades, is one of the most loved and recognised television hosts in Spain. Over the last few years, she has carried out a beautiful work of divulgation in the field of emotional wellbeing, one of her great passions and in which she has trained with some of the best professionals in different fields. Her meetings with experts in psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience and philosophy on her different broadcasting channels and on her podcast Mi Latido de Más have brought her great recognition.

In this book she wants to share some of her most precious learnings from these years of work, and with the help and encouragement of Francesc Miralles, she has written this book where she offers us 366 thoughts that invite us to be aware of who we want to be in each moment, to be closer to ourselves and to live more intensely in the present moment. Living is not static. Life is destroyed and built with every breath, with every tick, with every dawn and every small gesture. That is why this book is an ideal companion in the adventure of existing. Little bits and pieces that help you remember what we easily forget. A great gift to help remind everyone we love that LIFE BEGINS EVERY DAY.

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