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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 7 November 2019

Writing this blog is not easy for me, because talking about sex is still a taboo among people of my generation. I think about it and I find it ridiculous, because I’m the first to think that this shouldn’t be this way. That’s why when Eva Moreno, sexologist and founder of  TAPERSEX®, told me that it was necessary this book, MI DESEO DEPENDE DE MI (My desire depends on me) about the sexual desire and the endless possibilities of the female masturbation, I knew she was right because the daily routine or being always in a rush makes sex the last thing of the list, and actually, it’s a very important part of life, whether you’re in a couple or not.

Why is sex always on that to-do list? Unconsciously, we are boycotting ourselves because sex will definitely make us feel better, but instead, we feel tired, we don’t find the right moment, or any excuse is good, so sex stays at the bottom of the line. I don’t believe that young people are going through the same situation, perhaps I’m wrong, but this guide is more addressed to women because they are the ones who wish to enjoy sex freely, without taboos. They want to explore new types of pleasures and, what’s most important, to take care of their own pleasure, which seems to stay always in the second place. Eva firmly believes that we’re sexual beings and, therefore, we cannot abstain ourselves from sexuality, even if we don’t practice it. She claims that having a sexual toy in the nightstand drawer prevents you from having sex with someone you don’t desire, or that sexual fantasies are a good way for arousing sexual desire and break with the routine, for example.

A useful book that provides real insights about how we should or we could be. Knowing all these big and little tips will help us a lot to approach sex in a different, innovative and more gratifying way.

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