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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 3 September 2015

reading-on-a-trainWe’re back, and with us, our books, which I hope has not disappeared from your holidays because they are great companions. This summer I tried to read a book for pleasure, not for work, but ultimately it is the same because you always learn something. I read THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN and I loved it. I’ve read in two days, and I understand that it has been one of the best sellers of the summer, so I recommend it and I congratulate the editors who have believed in it.

My other readings have been “for work”, but they have also been a pleasure, because I read some of the books we will publish this fall or next spring, and I’m excited because they are all good novels, with character, with a powerful plot, well-established authors that are going to give us pleasant surprises. I am sure of it!

And although this year is the 13 I’ve been dedicated to the agency, yet, when I read my authors’ novels, I still get excited. I see that the novel has potential and start to dream awake with what we need to do to make it travel to all possible countries, to get excited readers everywhere.

It could seem ridiculous that still feel that illusion, but in our profession, difficult and costly as it is, if you lose illusion, you lose everything. Therefore, I love having that itch of impatience, as of little girl, every time I finish a novel and see a lot of good things in it. This summer I have felt this illusion with every novel I have read, and I am happy to come back to the office, and I have many ideas to help my authors and their novels to reach their final destination, the reader anywhere in the world.

We’ll try to win, with determination and working hard. It is not easy among so many books, but nobody said it was easy, so with charged batteries and very good humor and enthusiasm, we are back. This year novels will guide us to emblematic places in Barcelona, there are ​​real stories that will captivate us, all kinds of love stories, realistic and epic young adult novels, and some literary surprise that will make us finish the year with a lot of work. We can’t wait to share with you every novelty.

So, we are back on the train, the adventure begins again with that illusion and that smile that characterizes us. Happy rentrée!  We hope that you continue to hunt for the best novels. They help us to be happier. I have no doubt!

“An eternal illusion, or at least often reborn in the human soul, is very close to being a reality.” Andre Maurois

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