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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 1 July 2021

Next month our agency will be 20 years old! And it seems as if it was yesterday when we celebrated our 10th anniversary… Time flies, literally, and so much has happened…

But the basis was to keep learning a profession that will never cease to surprise, frighten, and delight me. Many authors have been represented by our agency, but the ones that started with me are not as numerous, as the author-agent relationship is not easy. I wouldn’t say it’s difficult either, but, like any relationship, it needs basic ingredients like loyalty, honesty, and transparency. Among the pioneers is Francesc Miralles, who I admire as a person, who has proved his worth in all the genres and has reached the top with his bestselling title, IKIGAI, which counts over 60 translations. I don’t think any of us would have ever imagined this success, but we knew this was a long run and we are still glad to share projects. Alejandro Palomas is another lifelong author with whom we’ve had ups and downs, like in any relationship, but as we have grown, we have achieved an impeccable literary stability.  After succeeding with UNA MADRE, receiving the Nadal Prize for UN AMOR, and the National Literature Prize for UN HIJO, we know we can’t complain. But we both dream about UN PAÍS CON TU NOMBRE, his next novel, which you cannot miss, as the fans will become even more addicted and those who are not will get hooked by Palomas’ special world. Dr. Estivill was among the first to trust me and has supported me along the way. His first success, DUÉRMETE NIÑO, translated into 20 languages, with millions of copies sold, helped us take off. And this year, with EL MÉTODO TOKEI, he has opened the gates of the chronobiology to reach happiness. They were the first and we still walk elbow-to-elbow. I would say we are as excited as ever, but have a better knowledge of the literary world, which is kind as it is cruel, but to which we are addicted to. Nowadays I wouldn’t know what else to do which would inspire, demand and activate me as much on a daily basis. This job is like a trapeze artist who is on the tightrope and needs to maintain the balance to cross from one end to the other every time they take the stage. Our stage is similar to theirs: there is no truce, but we do have passion and vocation and that is more than enough.

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