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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 1 February 2018

I love places which have a special scent, its own personal scent. In my own place I try to make our clothes have this clean smell, and for the home to have a touch of vanilla and coconut. Some people have no sense of smell or do not use it, but I, instead, associate it to certain things, certain moments, certain people. Freshly brewed coffee, that perfume I adore, an antique shop scent, species… I think life’s got a colour and a scent that flows with it, hence why Núria Pradas newest novel has absolutely delighted me. EL AROMA DEL TIEMPO narrates Pablo Soto’s life story, orphan at 11 years old who has to move out, during the World War, to Grasse, perfume capital located in France, where he moves in with his aunt, uncle and cousin. In France he does not only find a family, his family, who love and take care of him, but also has the chance to meet Ernest Beaux, the perfume master, who will introduce him Coco Chanel. It is the moment the perfume of all times is created: Chanel Nº5, the perfume which will make it to eternity. Neither an impossible love nor the Great War that is taking over Europe will be an obstacle to pursue his dream and to become a great perfume master. But he will also become a man who runs away from his past. An impossible flight, because, usually, life is scented with a perfume which fades away as times go by, or maybe it does not. It depends on the scent you choose to keep on walking.

EL AROMA DEL TIEMPO takes us to the glamorous 20th Century, from Grasse where high perfumery was born, in Post-war Barcelona, through Coco Chanel’s Paris. A sophisticated and fancy novel as Núria’s latest success, SUEÑOS A MEDIDA, which was published in 14 languages and rapidly became a massive hit. EL AROMA DEL TIEMPO unveils who and how perfumes are made, and tells the story of a self-made who achieves success after facing and overcoming a difficult journey. A positive novel, set on a misty scene, but nicely scented, it smells of success, because novels like this one, with love, war, passion and perfume can only be one of the bestselling titles and one of the most gifted for Valentine’s day, Sant Jordi (Saint George’s day), Mother’s day or any other day you want to make someone happy, and with it you will also be able to give a new scent to your own life. What else could we possibly ask for? A marvellous work by a marvellous author who keeps on growing, and if she has already reached the top in Children and Young Adult world, she is making her way in Adult’s world too. Thank you for this amazing story that will make you fall in love with it and its nice scent.

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