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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 2 June 2016

14th Century, medieval times and Barcelona, are three words that bring me good memories. One of the first successes of the Agency had these three main ingredients, and now that the Agency is turning 15 years old, I look back and CATHEDRAL OF THE SEA is still the book that has set a before and after for me. Now they say that there will be a second part and the truth is that it’s sad for me to know and not be able to be involved, but that’s what the life of the agent is like. The loyalty of the authors depends on a lot of things, and even if the intention is always to have a long relationship, it’s not always the case.


However every time there’s a new book, the thrill is great, and that’s what happened to me with LA FILLA DE LILITH by Glòria Sabaté, who talks about medieval Barcelona and all its many curiosities. With characters that are truly well outlined, and with various mysteries to discover, Glòria invites us to read a historic novel with a mysterious murder and the fears and superstitions the people had at the time and that even touched some of their lives. An addictive novel, and very well written, which is an excellent premiere by an author that has promise. And I hope that our relationship is long and successful, since I started with the three magic words, and magic, like she says in her novel, lives among us and exists in different shapes. It’s a good start, with no doubt, in every way.

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