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Author: Bruno Thursday 11 February 2021

The famous saying: “things were better in the good old days” sounded like something only older people would say, but I must admit that I agree with it. As you get older, you understand it and have no choice but to take it in. However, I would like to be optimistic and think that we still have many positive experiences ahead, even when time leaves its mark, and memories, many memories, gather in that little box called heart. As time goes by, I feel the box shrinks due to the accumulation.

Besides, with age, no one sugar coats the reality and you realize the absences, the silences, the people who remain and those who are gone. Without meaning to, my mind takes me to that past where everything seemed perfect.

Just as happens to the characters of the novel EL BALL DELS ESTUDIANTS, by Anna Crusafont published by Univers, where after years without seeing each other, four friends meet again to celebrate the anniversary of the ball they used to attend together every year. None of them is what she used to be, they have grown, they have lived, and life has led each of them on their own path, although perhaps not the one they wanted or dreamed of. A novel about friendship and becoming aware that life sets the soundtrack of our days.

Anna Crusafont, who has been translated into three languages with her first novel Isola Bella, now returns with a new genre story, with an excellent style, but for all audiences, and with a topic that will make all nostalgic people fall in love, which in the end, involves the majority of us, because we all have a little box of memories, and one way or another we fill it with the moments that we do not want to forget, and which remain engraved in our minds forever.

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